Empty Leg Flights Asia

Lean leg flights Asia

We will find charter flights to Asia that perfectly fit your schedule and requirements. 75 percent discount on your next charter flight Blank leg defined: In the course of the years the charters have been changing. The probability that a one-way privatjet will be reserved is higher than ever before. On Monday, a customer could use a Gulfstream G450 to travel from Hong Kong to Thailand and not make a booking for a returning trip on the same plane. That means the G450, normally stationed in Hong Kong, would be empty on the way back to ground (except for the crew).

This situation is referred to as "empty legs". "As you can imagine, it is much less expensive to buy a personal aircraft that already has to return to the airfield. What do idle flights cost? We have many variable factors when we calculate the overall price for each trip, even an empty route.

I will do my best to give you an overview of every aspect that will help you in your quest to book your empty stage charters. The most important element has to do with the airplane model. Looking at the example from the past, when it is a Gulfstream G450, there will be a certain basic fee and a certain price linked to the standard of a privately owned plane.

As there are many different types and size of aircrafts, you can rely on our range and our chart resources for a fast overview of each one. In the ideal case, everyone could find the most cost-effective way when traveling in luxurious surroundings. For empty cross country flights, this would mean that your route would correspond exactly to the home base of the plane you want to rent.

For the Gulfstream G450 example we used, this would mean that you are flying from Thailand and your ultimate goal is Hong Kong. We have been in Asia since 1999. Blank leg is not always available. Often airlines do not hesitate to fill their planes because they have another client.

However, not every timetable is possible when it comes to empty leg. What do idle flights costs? Everything will depend on the airplane model, your route and your cruising pace. From a realistic point of view, no privately owned yacht can be considered "cheap" and it should not be. Chartering privately is for those who appreciate quality travel experience, luxury and comforts.

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