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JapaneseTaxi - Apps on Google Player Featuring more than 61,000 cabs spanning all 47 Japanese counties (*1), JapanTaxi is the definitive taxi application you'll ever need in Japan! Type here to call a taxi, make a booking or find your fares immediately. Your ticket price is simple to settle! Combine your favorite methods of payments (credit card, Google Direct Debit, or other methods of payment) with the online payments function to easily order, drive, and author!

Choose your pick-up place in the application to order a taxi. Choose a return point, number of cars, car model, and preferred mode of payments to personalize your order. If your order coincides with a taxi in the vicinity, you will receive an estimate of your ETA. Calculate fare and fill in the collection and return points.

You will be shown an estimate of the ticket price and the journey duration. Real fares differ according to transport, state of the roads and chosen itinerary. There is a FLATRATE taxi available in select towns and locations and the charge may differ according to the taxi companies used. You can use the application to conveniently scroll through the billing codes and make your ticket payments.

2 The following will be available from September 2018: Google Pay, Yahoo Wallet and Yahoo Card. The ?This web site needs GPS and networking to work. Google Pay is available with Google Play Features 11.4 or higher. The ?Orders placed through this appliance is the same as the request for a taxi by telephone.

For this reason, some taxi operators may charge a fee for shipping a taxi to your destination. The calculation is done on the basis of the Google Map Service's calculation routes. Therefore the real routes may differ. Toll, wireless and/or booking charges are not included in the estimate. At ?Please, please review your taxi company and services before placing an order.

The ?Some in-app function is only available from taxi operators. Several taxi operators do not provide information on the locations, offering advance bookings or non-cash payments.

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