Private Taxi Licence

Personal taxi license

Guide and application form for a private rental driving licence including current fees and charges. Taxi / Private rental Our company issues licenses for Hackney carriages and private rental cars as well as private rental licenses and double driving licenses. It is recommended that you carefully review the instructions to make sure that you are able to fulfil the eligibility criteria before you submit your resume. Please fill in your job offer request as well as the corresponding documentation and pictures.

Driving licence, permit or extension for private hire

Applicants must have been in possession of a full licence for at least 12 consecutive month and be in possession of one at the moment of applying. Furthermore, before the Council can grant a licence, it must be able to satisfy itself that the requester is a suitable individual. Fill in the appropriate request forms completely and submit your signature.

Make available a complete DPLA photocard driver's license (at least 12 month in possession) with your complete mailing adress. Please complete and submit a complete health reporting sheet stating your suitability to operate a registered car. Council shall have the power of appreciation to issue or deny the licence. Certain requests may be submitted for consideration by the General Authorisation and Regulatory Committee of the Council.

Within 14 workingdays after the decision, proposers will be informed in written form of the result of their proposal. Appeals against any decisions may be lodged with the Tribunal within 21 working days of notification of the Council's decisions. They can apply; by mail:


Privat rental company licence

Operators must keep a record of rolling stock, driver and all reservations at their location. The Deregulation Act 2015 amended the default term of a residential customer license to 5 years as of October 1, 2015. This provision stipulates that a private lessor's licence may be issued for a term of less than five years, but only if the Council considers it appropriate in the light of the particular case.

In order to request a license or to extend your license, please contact the Herbert Warehouse desk from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 2.45 p.m. with all documents and payments. Applicants must pay the full amount of the fees at the time of filing and this can be done at the machine, which is also situated in the Council offices' primary receiving area.

Requests cannot be processed until the proper amount has been received; a copy of the proof of transfer must be submitted upon request to prove that the proper amount has been used. Operating charges depend on the number of vessels in the vehicle population. Owners can also make reservations from an auxiliary building within the city, e.g. a crowded night club, for an upcharge.

Providers must carry out a thorough background search unless they have requested an extended background search while requesting a private rental driving licence. Please refer to the guides for more information on background checks. In order to run a private rental firm, you must obtain a building permit to ensure that your home run enterprise does not cause harassment or disability to your neighbors.

When your private rental car is designed for up to eight people, it can be operated under the supervision of a private municipal owner. Drivers of more than eight vehicles must hold a driver's license issued by the Driver and vehicle standards agency.

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