Helicopter Rental Rates

Hubschrauber Rental Prices

What does it take to hire a helicopter for airshooting? Rental prices for helicopters are much higher than indicated here. Helicopter training, aerial photography, city tours, ...

are characteristic. Oo per hour. No. It'?s important to know you don't get a flying lesson. A motor with a countdown time, the Jobbs Metre begins with the rotation of the keys and the shutdown of the motor.

This gives you 40 min flying if you don't have to await the turret to get to the starting line. Jet Rangers are less than $1,000 per 40mins. In my estimation, be cautious with R22 choppers. You should never float to take pictures, always keep the helicopter in motion in case there is a hitch, you want some forward dynamics.

If you think this is high, its not now, and you should turn your overheads ( ie duplicate your helicopter overheads ) then you' re adding your shoot fee. Excellent air photos, taken in a professional manner, are accurate, demanding work. I work for a Hawaiian firm that costs $690 an hours for air photos.

Thats for an I think that many would approve of an R144 making a nice and quite affordable photograph deck. These costs are per 10th of an second, as described above. In addition, the R54 has room for three people and I am pretty sure that we could occupy all places at the same overall hourly rate.

A thing that has not been mentionned is that some choppers operate the motor per hours and some per hours in which the plane flies. Our planes, for example, have an hours counter that only works when the plane is raised into the sky, but the training centre where I worked has hours counters that work when the motor is started.

My belief is that my old flying academy charges about $600 an hours for air photos, even on the River44. Thus, the fact that the counter is running longer will probably be offset by the lower costs, although it may vary depending on what you do, many starts and stops for example.

You will probably see that the answers will be very different according to where you are in the wide open air, what kind of platforms you want to use, how many share the costs, etc. Simply call any helicopter firm and they will dig it up for you, they want your shop and will be more than glad to make an offer and go through the detail.

Reposition time: runtime in 1/10 hr steps. Allocation. Charges applied. Wait period (motor off): They compensate the pilots and cover the costs for food, accommodation and land transport during long missions. For a Sikorsky overhead travelling crane, it costs over $10,000 an hours. But you' d be stupid to go up in a little more than a bell 206 for a photo shoot.

Look for operator using Robinson R-22 helicopter or Schweitzer 300. Because I didn't know anything about your photographic needs, I gave this reply. These things all affect your choice to choose one plane over another. 65000 INR for Robin on boarding helicopter. An average four-seater helicopter like the Robinson R44 hires at a rate of $350-500 per h per second.

Two-seater helicopters like the Robinson R22 could be about $250 - $350 per incident. Pilots' costs for the flight fade compared to the costs for operating the helicopter!

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