Top 10 Private Jets in the World

The top 10 private jets in the world

Trump's Boeing 757 - 100 million dollars. The Donald Trump's $100 million private jet may not be as big as his famous Trump Towers. Winfrey Oprah selected the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS as its preferred aircraft and fired out around $45 million. Though not the largest private jet of a celebrity, the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express can carry up to 19 passengers and fly virtually anywhere in the world. The top 10 most expensive private jets in the world.

10-Jets Private Details of World Leader and Influencer

We' ve checked the private jets of powerful civil servants, royalty and corporate Mughals. Find out more about the jets used by the world's top riders. It' no wonder that world leading personalities and world typhoons are traveling in private jets and luxury airplanes. The majority of them have an intact air force and the costs of the air force can be as high as one billion dollar.

Here is a synopsis of a recent survey conducted by recently launched company Aer Charter Service, the airline specialists who organize everything from governments to freight and private charter. It shows the whole history of private jets held by powerful world chiefs around the world. It unveils the insider history of the aircraft fleet used by leading companies around the world, their valued value, interiors and safety characteristics.

While this is the initial resource for the private jet guide of the world's best, see more for full review features. Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, is one of the richest men in the world and has a fleet of around 1.

$3 billion. Often he is travelled by around 1000 persons, among them members of his relatives, members of delegations and members of the services team, who take care of his needs and those of his group. Frequently, the saloons and cars of the host familiy are carried together with the remainder of the objects chosen to carry the king's familiy in the host state.

In addition, it is reported that most of his travels are carried out with several carriers (once his 10 plane mission has reached Japan). US President Donald Trump is one of the world's leading private jet personalities and the value of the plane in use is valued at $786 million.

It is well known that every plane that carries the US presidency is known as Air Force One. Trump's Presidential squadron consists of two Boeing 747 200Bs, each with its own identity, adapted accordingly. In addition, he also has a smaller Boeing C-32 at his disposition, which will only be used if the airfield where the Chairman is landing cannot accept his Boeing 747 200Bs.

As these Boeing planes are over 25 years old, Trump is fortunately in ownership of the oldest president plane compared to other world class airliners mentioned in the initial review. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has the flag ship IL-96-300PU built, which has a value of about 360 million US Dollar.

It is a long-range plane with a large fuselage, and for safety reasons the President of Russia has not only one but four such planes. Each of the 4 planes is ready to board, and the one in which he will be travelling will remain obscure until the last minute, leaving the other three behind.

Xi Jinping, the People' s Republic of China commander, uses two Boeings 747-400 owned by Air China Airline, each costing 250 million US Dollar. Given that the Chairman uses the services of regional carriers and that the main purpose of the aircrafts is to carry passenger traffic, the aircrafts selected for his business voyage will be thoroughly inspected and suitably adapted for the purpose of a planned international outing.

According to the Air Charter Service survey, the value of its aircraft fleets is valued at 270 million US dollar. The Chelsea proprietor Roman "Abramovich" has a number of aircraft in his aircraft whose value is valued at about 235 million US dollar.

A Boeing 767-33AER belongs to the family. The Boeing interiors were quite comprehensive, with a banquet hall and a 30-person annex, as well as several other functions. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, whose Airbus A340-313X VIP is known as Konrad Adenauer, has a value of 235 million US Dollar.

In addition to this airplane, it has several other airplanes at its disposition, which are administered by the Bundeswehr. The former President of France, Francois Hollande, also made the shortlist, and the flag ship he used for business travel with the Airbus A330-220 has a value of around 210 million US dollar.

Featuring several specific characteristics, among them safe communication links for the exchange of highly classified coded information, the former President's navy also has sufficient room for reporters and members of the team. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has an airplane worth $200 million and the plane is regarded as the largest ever registered by any world leader.

Most of the time, the Airbus A330 is used to carry the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on formal journeys. It is said that Queen Elizabeth II has $100 million worth of private jets at her command. In addition to two choppers for missions of less than 1000 km, the BAE aircraft portfolio also includes six BAE 125 aircraft, which can fly up to 3000 km, and four medium-sized BAE 146 aircraft.

A number of world-leading and top business people either have their own private charter or their own travel needs. Whilst some guides may have a more humble taste than others, most of their aircraft are equipped with the best safety equipment and interiors - making business travel as convenient and safe as possible.

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