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Societe Hop! is the brand name for the regional flights of Air France's subsidiaries. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] This new airline label was designed to better match the low-cost carriers, which have a significant presence on Air France's short-haul flights. The Régional Compagnie Aérienne Européenne with 44 planes and 38 targets, Brit Air with 39 and 32 and Airlinair with 24 and 26, a grand total of 107 planes.


Corporate motto "Every region is capital" (2006). In addition, the following routes are operated on Air France's behalf: Airlinair. Returned on June 2, 2009. "23 rue de Villeneuve BP 40 193 - 94563 Rungis Cedex" ^ a c " Directory: The World Airlines. Air France launches new low-cost airline Hop. Brought back on April 26, 2013.

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Schedule of airline code (H)

Below is a complete listing of airline Codes. These tables show the IATA, International Air Transport Authorities (ICAO) and Airline call sign (telephony identification). The airline keys for airline companies that are associated with: Includes 1 airline key for airline companies that are connected to: HSlHazelton AirlinesHAZELTONAustraliaDefect. on the IATA key stands for a checked copy. Italic means that an airline no longer exists.

Airline, France and Europe flight schedule

Includes, regardless of fare: snacks on bord, 12 kg carry-on baggage, seating selection, mileage credit, downloaded media. Junior pass: Available and available from 12 to 24 years inclusive, for travel up to the date before the age of 25. The average bank lending rates depend on the routes eligible for the Youth Passport offering.

Holiday weekend ticket: On basic, basic + and smart rates.


Nearly 100 planes for France and the remainder of Europe! We have a total of 100 planes ranging from 48 to 212 seated, with three major models ideally suited for short-haul operations. Each of these planes is characterized by performance, convenience and security. Offering comprehensive French connectivity with multiple links to the remainder of Europe from hub airports such as Lyon.

The aircrafts are five to 15 years old and older aircrafts are constantly being superseded by new ones.

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