How do round the World Tickets work

What is the world ticket system?

Such tickets are offered by airlines such as SkyTeam, Oneworld and Star Alliance, and all flights on your itinerary must be operated by the airlines of the selected alliance. You don't mind flying with low-cost airlines (like Ryanair or AirAsia). You have a fixed itinerary. You buy tickets on behalf of a group or family. Indie makes it possible if you want to do this.

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Which is a Round the World ticketing?

So, you chose to take the leap and go out into the big world? However, when you tell your mother that you are traveling around the world, did one of you really realize how it all works? Fortunately for you, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about our Round the World Tickets, or how we affectionately call them, RTW Tickets.

Put in simple terms, using your own tickets, allows you to go on a round voyage to more than one location. Around the world, Australia could return to London, London to Berlin, Berlin to New York and then New York. What can I do with an RTW pass? What are your tickets for GTT?

Our website has an RTW pass that will take you from Australia to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to London, from London to the USA and back home. Only $1,200 for a 3-stage ride! Pricing may seem more costly than normal one-stop trips, but if you are fixed on more than one destination, it will be much less costly to put them all in one fare, and that will save the trouble of organizing them on the street.

What is the flexibility of using a RTW ticketing system? How can I reserve an RTV travelcard? Or call us or send us an e-mail - here you can find out how to get in touch with us so you can plan the journey of a life!

Roundthe-world tickets explained - FAQ Friday

We were asked a number of questions about tickets around the world last weekend. When you want to make a world wide booking, you can do so by ticking here. Around the world, tickets work as follows: A world: a world KLM, Delta Airlines and certain airlines in Asia etc. e.g. JHB - London - New York - LA etc.

Hopefully this will help you better understanding tickets around the world.

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