How much to Charter a Helicopter

What does it cost to charter a helicopter?

Flight time, location, helicopter type, handling charges. Largest fleet of luxury aircraft and helicopters available for charter in New Zealand. Charter's helicopter services. No matter whether you are taking a short excursion to the New York International Airports or a week-end drive to the Hamptons, a helicopter charter provides a fast, simple and convenient option for travelling to and from New York City. Hellicopter Flight Services operate Bell 407 and 427 aircraft, allowing you to enjoy a trouble-free, secure journey in a high-performance helicopter without compromising the convenience of a roomy cab with up to six seating places.

All our choppers are fitted with heating, climate control and Bose sound systems so you can unwind and fully appreciate the trip. Find out more about our helidecks. The following are typical airline timetables for major New York based cities. With our charter service you can comfortably and stylishly cruise anywhere in the Northeast.

Be it a Hamptons week-end, a drive to New York City from your own private international base, or a visit to Niagara Falls, our charter crew can make you an individual offer! When there'?s no intercourse in the skies, why should I stay in New York? Helicopter transfers can significantly shorten your journey between New York Internationalports.

Travelling between Manhattan and the region's main airfields can take up to an hour when unexpected and difficult travel is required. Chopper transfer from the base to the base usually takes less than 10 min, giving you the additional amount of working days you need. Transfer services are available between Manhattan and the four main New York regional aerodromes as well as between them.

For added comfort, free surface transport is available between the airport and heliport. There are three different helipads to chose from in Manhattan: Airport helicopter transfer from/to the following New York airports: Take the best picture from above with our air photo service.

We offer tailor-made solutions for all these and other types of service throughout the tri-state area to fulfil your and your customers' needs. All our fleets set the standards for helicopter flying.

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