How much does it Cost to Charter a Helicopter

What does it cost to charter a helicopter?

Travellers who do not need the hours that a fraction of the property offers, a flight ticket is a good option. AAG helicopter charter, fractions and flight charts Whilst personal jet aircraft offer travellers much more versatility than business aviation, sometimes this is still not enough. Travellers who fly in the Boston-Washington DC hallway and require the freedom of choice of landing at a helicopter port or personal airfield may consider a helicopter charter, fractional property, or an Associated Aircraft Group (AAG) ticket.

AAG has been in operation for over 20 years and began to offer faction heliopters in 1999. You have nine Sikorsky S-76 six- and seven-person cabins, which can be hired 24 hours a day, 365 the year. A lot of AAG owner consider a fraction of the helicopter property to be a sensible complement to a solid fraction or privately owned.

They appreciate the flexible approach possibilities provided by the choppers. Through its Sikorsky Shares business unit, AAG sells top shareholdings. Fractions owner receive airplanes, fuels, maintenance, disposition and disposition as well as a guarantee of uptime. 1/16th is the smallest percentage sold, providing 75 items per year to the owner.

AAG uses these entities as a measure to define areas around New York. From NYC (Zone 1) to Washington, DC (Zone 6), this journey would cost 6U. The purchase costs are between $350,000 and $500,000 per 1/16. The other coulter dimensions are available in 1/16 steps.

Travellers who do not need the lessons that a fraction of the property provides, a plane ticket is a good choice. With the Excalibur map, AAG is offering a small difference between charter and partial possession. Excalibur cards guarantee uptime without the need for principal. There is a 40 unit limit ($144,000) requirement. Extra copies are available in 5 unit steps ($18,000 each).

Charter via the AAG is also possible. S 76 limits the AAG services area in the Northeast of the USA to 450 miles, but is definitely an eligible choice for passengers travelling for pleasure or pleasure in this area.

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