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5 best airports in Japan to fly to.

Maybe the glorious, colourful signs of the In Your Face-Vibe and the other side skin of Tokyo's machine, the machine of today, are called out? Fukuoka lies on sandy golden shores and is littered with Buddha sanctuaries and kirsch flower gardens on the island of Kyushu, where the old Dontaku and Yamakasa festivities still break out every single season.

Well, if that may sound like your kind of thing, then you're in luck: Fukuoka Airport is the fifth lowest cost airport in the United States. Small, dense and just off the well-trodden path, Tokonames Chubu Centrair International Airport provides travellers with a good gateway to Japan via the Osaka and Tokyo highways.

On the one hand, it has a track-record for budget conscious air travel from the United States, where the median fare is only $1,122 return. As Tokyo Narita Airport now handles most of the world' s transport to and from the remainder of Japan, it is likely that the vast bulk of the travellers who plan to travel from the United States this year will see its take-off and landing strips.

Currently the current price for a flight between America and Tokyo Narita is only US$1,048, but the terminal is ideally located for exploring the heartland of the US capitol, between the greenery of the Imperial Palace and the winding coastline of Tokyo Dome Cityc. Oh, and with only 280,000 individuals every months to compete for the best places on the United States to go to and from the cities, and the city's Kansai International which offers the second lower median fare for US landed destinations, this is a good and money-friendly gateway to Japan.

Haneda International is the first lowest-cost Japanese international destination. It stretches into the Tokyo Bay River on the south edge of the city. In Haneda, the median fare on US origin air services is only US$1,018.

All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have a strong basis here with tons of everyday flights arriving from destinations all over America, from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Honolulu and Seattle.

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