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CSQS - Kensington College of Business - ICSA - Chartered Secretaryaries Qualification Program

The CSQS system comprises eight two-tier CSQS units. Commercial applied legislation - a general outline of the basic rules of commercial legislation, depending on the chartered secretary's part. Case study Chartered Secretaryaries - this modul is based on the wisdom from all curricula of the other seven moduls, showing how to master the contents of CSQS and apply the necessary wisdom and skill to a case study example given below.

For the full curriculum, please visit the ICSA website. The CSQS is an Open Enter skill, i.e. anyone can go to university to be chartered. Those who do not have a diploma or a diploma in an unrelated field must take all eight CSQS courses. Undergraduates can request the release of up to two units.

All exceptions must be requested through ICSA and not through KCB. Costs for pre-examination revisions are 250-300 per unit. Enrolments can be made either in February (for the exams in June) or in September (for the exams in November). Lessons take place on one night per weekly per modul (with some weekends for some modules).

Auditing courses are available to pupils who participate in night courses and to those who do not. If you think about how many courses you take and how many lessons you can spend each month studying, you will get an idea of how long it might take to do CSQS.

The implementation of a vocational skill such as CSQS is a big choice and demands thorough examination. The CSQS is an Open Entry skill; ICSA leaves it up to you to determine whether your existing skill or expertise is appropriate. However, it should be noted that the CSQS is located at level six and seven within the British higher education framework - this corresponds to a Bachelor's or Master Leonardo da Vinci diploma from last year.

In case you do not have a university diploma or appropriate working knowledge, consider the extent and scope of the skills before you register. ICSA course materials are all written in English. An overwhelming proportion of our CSQS learners are studying during their work, so it is good to think about the amount of CSQS working hours and how they might suit your current timetable.

To enrol for this course, please fill out the enrolment request below and send it back to the institution with your deposit. Affiliated pupils should submit a note from their sponsors. The course is not suitable for foreign pupils who need a godparenthood for immigrant reasons. Each student must make an Initial Enrollment Fees and his or her subscriptions to ICSA.

Examinations and waivers are also charged to ICSA independently. Student must buy the textbooks from ICSA before they can begin school.

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