Chartered Secretary Exams

Examinations for Chartered Secretary

Students who wish to join the course after graduation must pass through two levels of company secretary, namely The ICSA Executive Programme The ICSA Qualification Programme is the main qualification required to become a Charterer and a full member of ICSA. Full guide to the CS audit of the Company Secretary. We have three levels to make your company secretary:

Introduction of the system

The plan is suitable for you? What time do the exams take place? What do I do? What should I do to get ready for the exams? Where can you order your text? You are already a trainee and would like to register for an examination? The CSQS is one of the broadest range of qualification programs that will equip you for a wide range of different careers.

Respected by employer around the world, this high-grade competitive skill consists of eight training units. Maybe you need to complete all eight units or, subject to your skills, you are exempted from some. Prior to signing up for the program, we suggest that you review the following information: Is CSQS right for me? In this section you will find details about the system levels and what experiences and/or skills you need.

Are you a skilled attorney or bookkeeper, take a look at our CSQS Quick Tracking Professional path - with your recent skills and experiences you may be entitled to accelerated program execution. The eight qualification system components are listed below. You will be able to view the synopsis of each unit, the curriculum, a practical test and its response/marking outline.

The exams take place in June and November. For more information on test schedules and test centers, see the How do I go about my studies? There are eight of them. You may be exempted from certain module requirements based on your skills and experiences. There is a pre-recorded online seminar that provides useful information on accessing pupil workstations, providing hints on answering exam-style queries, posting queries to fora within the work areas, and learning with the practical exams also available in the pupil workstation.

SAICSA Agricultural and forestry sector - Student - Study for the exams

You can study the exams at the SAICSA Training Centre. Course information will be sent to all enrolled student at the appropriate time of the year. They will be passed on to all enrolled participants. Main objective: The chartered secretary has a proactive roll in taking action in the best interest of the clients, customers or employers, keeping good practices and applying them.

Professional programmes consist of two parts, each containing four mandatory training units as follows: Two rounds of examinations per year - May/June and Nov/Dec. A student may carry out a total of two assignments in each session. Before they can move on to the Professional Programme Part II, they must have passed the Part I Professional Programme.

Diploma holders are issued upon completing the Professional Program Part II of the International Civil Society (ICSA) exams. However, if they do not pass any exams, they will have to repeat them in the next exam session. All the above mentioned specifications also apply to all paper grades. In order to remain in the Registrar of Applicants, scholars must be required to repay the scholarship extension fees.

In case of permanent registration for exams, the extension fees for the scholarship are not applicable.

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