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If Air Charter Service offers a one-way private jet charter, the aircraft is sometimes empty when it returns to its base or flies on to another location. FlyEasy search for empty legs. Blank Leg Flights | Blank Legs Charter Flights Search In just a few clicks, you can browse privately owned aircraft, business aircraft, unladen routes for medicine and freight available anywhere in the world. With the extended query you can optimize your results at any time. Are you looking for an empty leg and can't find one immediately?

The airline sector is planning several hundred empty-haul journeys at a given point in history. No matter whether you are an air operator, an exclusive marketing agent, an aircraft owner or a charter broker, the Empty Leg Tracker helps you cope and minimize your day-to-day task.

Legs empty. Deadheads.

AlJet was a pioneer in focusing on "empty legs", also known as "deadhead" flying. Lean leg charters are planned to carry a fare-bearing passenger in one direction and empty them back to their point of departure. El-Jet successfully combines travellers with the idle part of these regular charters.

Leaving the route empty is to the advantage of the aeroplane, the carrier and passengers both. Proprietors are saved the needless cost of flight vacancy, which has no impact on sales, and travellers profit from the fact that they have significantly lowered travelling expenses. The ElJet airline has established the biggest empty flight route airline ever in the world. We' ve reworked our empty-haul services to make sure we can co-ordinate the cheapest privately chartered jets to as many locations as possible.

Whilst the costs of empty route travel are significantly lower than on a regular chart aircraft, the advantages of private empty route travel are a significant improvement in safety, comfort, choice and more. This is a good choice for those looking for an alternate to traditional charters.

Void leg flying is a way for wiser travellers and users to buy a privately owned aircraft at a sensible cost. When you want to hire a privately owned aircraft for an empty cross country cruise, ElJet can help you find an aircraft to or from any location. Our constantly growing fleet of available empty seats and certified airlines can help you find your way to almost any location at the shortest possible time!

The above fares are indicative of the number of empty legs of the proposed journey. An unplanned trip is the routing for each empty cross country trip. Fares for Deadhead flights are exclusive of tax and other charges. With ElJet, you can book your own empty jets quickly and simply. Our extensive data base includes empty planes that are available at all times.

Your itinerary will be personalized and we will easily arrange your hire of a personal empty seat to the final destinations of your choosing. Naturally, you are also welcome to contact us for further information on our regular charters.

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