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A landing page for booking trips, tours or passports. Successfully completing a booking request should be automatically forwarded to the shopping cart. There are Intercity (IC) trains within Germany, while Eurocity (EC) trains also allow you to travel to neighbouring European countries...

. The Intercity Hotel Apartments is located in Dubai with free WLAN and air conditioning.

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Selling our famed $1 rates is fast and you may need to make an early booking to get one. Our schedules are released on most lines a year in advance, so if you don't find a $1 rate at first glance, try looking for the schedules further. Look for a $1 rate now and make an on-line booking - no need for a major debit cards.

InterCity New Zealand Booking Guide

With InterCity you can easily make your coach reservations on-line. Step onto the buses from which you are traveling. If you begin by entering the name of a stop or town in each box, a drop-down box appears with all stop names that match what you entered. Please fill in your date (s) of departure.

When you click the date button, choose a date from the pop-up menu, or input the date in the date window in TT/MM/YYYYY format. In case you do not book a trip back, click on "Or one way" to the right of the returns area. Specify the number of travellers and their tariffs. You can use the dropdown next to each tariff category to choose the number.

The adult and children tariffs are displayed above. To view the Golden Age, Student, Backpacker and Infant tariff choices, click "Other Tariff Types". Please click on Find to go to the page with the results. You will see on the results page all the available travel related service in order of your travel itinerary.

View departures and arrivals schedules, transfers and tariff information for each one. Please click on the green button "Service Info" on a specific bus or coach to get all information like bus or coach number, stops and important information. When you want to perform another sweep, click "Change my sweep" to edit your sweep. To continue, click on a rate and click "Add to cart" at the bottom of the page.

Your shopping basket will show information about the trip(s) you have added and the overall cost, which includes the on-line booking charge. In case you want to make several trips in one single booking, you can put them in your shopping basket by pressing "New search" above. Locate the journey you want to substitute, put it in your shopping basket, and then click the Delete button you want to delete.

To empty and restart your shopping basket, click 'Empty shopping basket' at the bottom of the page. As an InterCity Awards member, please type in your reward number and your login code to login and your information will be shown to you. When you are not a reward member, please fill in your data below.

To participate in InterCity Rewards and receive free trips, select the checkbox. When you have not made all the necessary entries, you will see a line in blue around the space you have to fill in to continue. Click on the top right link to go back to the Shopping Cart or Passenger Data pages to make changes.

When you are a reward member, you will see a check box that allows you to either use your reward dollar (s) to cover your trip(s) or to cover part of it. Choose your preferred form of payments - we accepts your personal data via our bank account or via our online bank account - and fill in your data. To edit your money and buy your trip, click Buy Now.

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