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The helicopter airlines operating from Oslo Airport. Helicopter transfers are available from Mauritius SSR International Airport to your hotel or vice versa. Airport helicopter transfer (up to 6 people) The airport helicopter pick-up service is available from Mauritius SSR International Airport to your accommodation or back. Avoid the hassle of driving and get a short shuttle to your accommodation in a few moments while you enjoy a breathtaking air photo of Mauritius. Shuttle service can be organized from the airport to the airport or from your own airport to the airport.

There is no need to be worried about leaving your baggage or your relatives behind. Now you can all go together as the helicopter has a max. seating of 6 persons. The helicopter is the most efficient and easiest way to get to your accommodation, especially if you want to go with your host or your host families, your colleagues, your colleagues, your clients or your baggage.

Our friendly staff will welcome you on your return to SSR International Airport and offer you a tailor-made helicopter ride. Climb into a twin-engine helicopter that can take up to 6 persons without any problems. During the entire trip, the expert pilot will give you an insight into Mauritius and the geography of the islands while you take a stunning scenic drive to your base.

Choppers have restricted space and it is therefore necessary to take baggage restrictions into account when making reservations for airport transfers. Baggage restrictions differ depending on the number of passenger, as described below: The baggage transport services are offered at an extra charge of 45 Euro per leg. Helicopter airport transfers are direct from Mauritius SSR International Airport to your hotel's helicopter landing pad and from there.

he helicopter transfers depend on your location, taking into account the airport distances and flying time to the selected helicopter pad according to the lists of hotels/helicopter pads below: If this is the case, you will have to make an extra payment to meet the charges levied by the helicopter runway operators.

Please note: The helicopter transportation charge is per route and does not include the landings (if applicable) and baggage transportation fees (if applicable). Headquartered in the Airbus Group and formerly known as Eurocopter, Airbus Helicopters is the world' largest helicopter manufacturer, providing a wide variety of civil and defence aircraft.

Featuring a light twin-engine helicopter, this luxury helicopter can carry up to 6 people.

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