Helicopter Rent per Hour

Hire of helicopter per hour

Booking a helicopter for weddings and other special occasions. Like per romantic gestures, whisking your love in a private jet plane is very much in demand. Hubschraubervermietung - Rogue Aviation Rogue Aviation Rentals is here to give you the chance to align your lessons with your level of certification, explore new places, take your friend and relatives on a flight or just fly for pleasure! We have set guidelines to make sure that security is a top consideration in our charter programme, enabling us to trustingly charter our planes to certified pilotes.

EVERY Rogue Aviation tenant must fulfill the following requirements: Every prospective tenant MUST take a check out with a Rogue CFI in the helicopter make and type they wish to rent. The Rogue CFI will seek expertise in a wide range of areas during this mission, among them fundamental processes, contingency processes, communications, decision-making and more.

The CFI will also conduct an initial tenant survey before the check out is made. Rogue Aviation's combined interviews and flights are designed to provide a clear insight into the pilot's capabilities and capabilities. Rogue CFI has the opportunity to request further education either before the tenant is included in the program or before he is accommodated in one of our lease agreements.

Every stage has associated restrictions and demands to make sure that tenants fly at their competence levels. When a prospective landlord cannot be included in the programme, the Rogue CFI will work with the prospective landlord to design a learning schedule to help him become a Rogue landlord.

Similarly, tenants located on one of the first two levels will be provided with an individual floor layout allowing them to move up to the next level. Rogue Aviation Rentals have been designed with the Rogue Renter's security and further evolution in view.

Failure to meet the requirements will result in a currency flight with a Rogue CFI being necessary and resetting the 75-day request. At least five inches. Until 10hrs at Rogue CFI's option.

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