International Cab Service

The International Taxi Service

Provides door-to-door service with return directly to your next destination. 1942 S International Taxi & Shuttle There Hwy, Flint, MI 48503 Evaluate this deal! Driving over a traffic lights almost met me and another one. Using this service for a bus to Flint, Mi, I was amazed by the service. That' very non-professional service.

A $70 offer was made for a 70-mile drive, but when we were met at the terminal it turned out that the target was really only 32 kilometers, but we were still billed $70.

That taxi was smelling like smokes, so strong that my clothing was smelling when I came to my whereabouts. In case you are from outside the city, I strongly ask you to use a differential service. I' ve never had any trouble with this service, except once they were 5 minutes too late were and they phoned me to let me know.

In any case would highly commend this service. 1 days in advance to verify the cost of a journey, I used my name on Jenny, I phoned 6 hour early on the date of the meeting to verify all the information and prices..... Im explained over the telephone that the cost is $5 to enter the cab and $2 per mil thereafter - this is a 10-mile journey (9. 6 mil to be exact) - there is a stop made to an àtm, the gauge says $26. 00 on the Left under the "fare" header and $2 on the Right under the "price per mile" area, a #1 under the ticket code/type area.

No matter what the amount shown under the category "fare" is, what is correctly due? So why does the rider calculate the $26 PLUS the $2 (per mile) and bring the bill to $28? Calling the traffic controller "Ken" as we drive down the highway&he says that the additional amount the rider is asking for is just a down payment & that only the "fare" shown on the counter will be billed to me....

Komm Zeit zu zahlen - aam! I will be taken with a higher amount &driver will refuse to make the right amendment! Extra excuse..."$2 will be added to every &Every fares! "I call "Ken" the scheduler again, after he stuttered and stuttered he supports the rider who got me completely out of $2! For me, the pick-up place was a place that was predominantly visited by whites.

As I got into the taxi, despite my call 24hrs in advance and the reconfirmation of my trip 6hrs in advance, the taxi was barking at me: "I need a $30 down payment! "None of this was implied prematurely (deposits) & if I robbed this rider, there would NOT be a 24-hour call in advance, a callback call, a call to the firm while driving, a tip or this poor criticism I'm giving now!

Bats don't take the trouble to do on-line evaluations....

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