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HeloTravel is a marketplace where you can get travel packages and holiday offers from trusted travel agencies around the world. Hello Travel's latest tweets (@hellotravel). A travel portal with real and authentic information about some of the most famous destinations in the world.

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Make India Travel for our honeymoon in Kerala: August 30th to September 2nd 17We would like to call your kindest attention to the fact that we have been handled and not serviced in accordance with the obligations stated by you in the enclosed itinerary. Hi travel is not liable for any agent coming through him, and your tour guide contact me and made a parcel, after he paid an advanced payment, he ceased to dial the telephone, I got my cash travel cancellation and rescheduled, I ask you nicely not to hire a travel agent that is strange to you wager.....

Hello, hello traveling. I' ve been planning my journey to Ooty and Banglore coda channel via Bharath Yoga, which is one of the worse and most irreverent agents in the state. My deep esthetic is my judgment to propulsion with HelloTravel finished Bharath Iatra. I' m very dissatisfied with your service and I really don't want to go on with your work.

First we are a scheduled trip to Kerala and we have contacted the Hello Travel staff to make our trip happy with the help of their help. However, after I have reached Kerala. The Hello Travel is the poorest travel website. Also, our client support is very bad and non-professional. Largest scam company. Hi everyone, today I would like to sharing my real life experiences with hellotravel.com.

In May last year I posted the 5 person parcel to Hong Kong and Macau from India (Delhi) to the broker provided by hello travel. Dear fellas, this is your boyfriend Baljeet and today I will be sharing my poor experiences on hellotravel.com. There are both web sites and applications.

There is a parcel with cabin. One time I had a parcel from Delhi to..... So we had a very poor make India travel for our Honeymoon tour in Shimla: Length: 23 August to 27 August 17 We would like to point out that we have been dealt with and do not comply with the obligations specified by you in the enclosed itinerary.

And I was really frustrated by the way those who tried to convince me by saying good things about this business that work for it. So I was going to go to Gerala and found this firm on-line and contact them instead of.... Hellotravel. com seems like a con to me, to be frank.

Coincidentally I traveled to another months destination and decided to make the booking through this website. Hi folks im going to be sharing my own experiences with hellotravels.com. me and my spouse planned a holiday trip too austria and like my uncle suggested hellotravels. com i opened their website and named their number to find a broker. because i really like their austria travel parcel. i really like their austria travel parcel. d........

Friend this reviews is my own experience that I share with you with a travel site hellotravel.com. Before I begin, I would like to tell you that it is my worse experience, I have chosen a false traveler. During my brother's and sister's holiday, I wanted to go to the city of Ă…gra and Book my flight with hellotr....... and I was able to get to know the city.

I' m the affiliate in a One Travel Agency in Kurukshetra called Shri Baba Sahib Ji Travels, we offer very good customer care and they have always given us good answers that our care was good. Then a customer called Mr. Ajay Kumar came, who bought a trip to Thailand with us.....

However, since this firm operates a travel website all over the globe, I am not entirely sure about them. One of the Hello Travel operatives where I took over some of the clues from them who travelled to Kashmir. Hellotravel.com is an on-line travel enterprise, with which one can book the journey on-line.

All they do is give you deals and rebates on the first journey and then make long lasting money from you. Therefore, I advise you not to make a second booking. Hi Travel Please do not suggest SS HOTELS N RESORTS for any bodies. According to your suggestion, I have arranged with them a 7-night and 8-day pack together with breakfast and dinner (map plan).

Hi trip should be evaluated as NULL. Yatratravel had taken me on a southbound trip through the Hellotravel by purchasing 11000000 via the Billumoney door. My flight was canceled, Yatratravel book my flight twice, saidi.....

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