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Private package gives you your own private helicopter, pilot and personal tour guide. Bella Coola Heli Sports' most exclusive program: a private helicopter just for you and your friends or family. The private and exclusive ski tours of CMH help you to own the mountain.

Helicopters. Your your guide. Your programme. It is the ultimative option if you only want to ride your own heli ski team.

Only 1 group per heli! It'?s your game. Bella Coola Heli Sports' most exquisite program: a private chopper just for you and your loved ones. When you are a group of ribs, this programme will ensure that you do not wait for foreigners. When you are a couple, you can go skiing at your own speed and don't have to care about other folks.

So why should you want a private programme and not the Classic Vert? As the programme is predicated on the flight duration and not on a certain number of verticals, you and your group can determine how to use this period. From the high summits around the hut to the icecaps in the southern hemisphere to the fiords in the western hemisphere, you can go far and broad, or even opt to stay there and get a good night's rest.

We use a chopper with room for four persons and a tour leader in a group (maybe 5 according to gross weight) at Tweedsmuir Park and Eagle Lodges and Mystery Mountain Lodges, while at Pantheon we operate a Bell 205++ for only 1 group of 8 persons! We' ve had great results with our equipment buy-outs, with not only stunning heli-skiing, but our equipment often surpasses guests' expectation by organising non-skiing events such as the Bella Coola Olympics!

There is a 16 -person Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, while both the Eagle Lodge and Pantheon Heli Ranch can host 8 and our most prestigious venue, Mistery Mountain Lodge, only accommodates 4!

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