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Online Booking Airways (IATA code: 9W) is an Indian carrier headquartered in Mumbai with two subsidiary companies, JetKonnect and JetLite. Jet Airways' major airport turnstile is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, while its major junctions are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Chennai International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

It flies to 65 cities in India and around the globe. Airways has been awarded the IATA Operational safety Audit certification, which confirms that it has fulfilled all passengers' security needs, and has won a number of accolades. The company was awarded Best Domestic Carrier at the 2005 TTG Travel Asia Award and Best Website at the 2008 TTG Travel Asia Award.

Such awards would not have been possible if the carrier had not offered its customers a comfortable trip. Under the motto "The Joy of Flight", the company provides various services on the floor and on board. With JetPrivilege, for example, every passenger can collect mileage on every flight with the carrier.

Jet Airways customers can select between Economy Class, Première Class and First Class cabin options. Economy Class in-flight entertainments are provided via a 10-inch widescreen display, while Première Class in-flight entertainments are provided via a 15-inch display. However, First Class with 23-inch monitors and noise-canceling Bose earphones provides the best viewing pleasure so travellers can hear their favourite tunes or films in their best form.

Première Class or First Class travelers on intercontinental services may, however, carry carry-on bags of 10 kg. Regarding hold bags, Economy Class and Première Class travellers may carry up to 30 kg and 40 kg respectively. Economy Class travellers may take up to two 33 kg bags, Première Class up to two 32 kg bags and First Class up to three 32 kg bags on journeys from India to England.

Checking in can be done via your mobility, on-line, at the terminal or at the ticket office. Resident travellers who prefer to book on-line can do so 48hrs before their flight, while non-resident travellers can book 60hrs before their flight. Arrival desks open two and a half hour before take-off and are closed 45 and a half prior to home and 60 and a half prior to intercontinental travel.

In 1991, when the GOI abolished its sovereignty over internal flights, the wealthy Naresh Goyal immediately took the chance to set up his own company. Jet Airways was founded in April 1992 and has become one of the oldest privately owned carriers in India. Jet Airways had initially rented four Boeing 737-300s from Australia.

In May 1993, the carrier commenced operations and had to rent two more Boeing planes until 1994, this one from Malaysia Airlines. As well as an on-board menu, the company also provided an on-board shop named JetMall. At about the same date, the carrier purchased 10 new Boeing planes.

Until today, the company has always striven to offer punctual services that guarantee in-flight services and overall operating reliability. In the 90s, it achieved a huge gain and a large number of passenger movements. As a result, the GOI adopted a decree authorising carriers operating for more than five years to open intercontinental services.

Jet Airways took this opportunity to open services to Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia. Bruxelles then became the airline's gateway airport for its trans-Atlantic services, which were the outcome of India's growing need for intercontinental services as a consequence of its healthy finances. India's 2008 recession hit Jet Airways and caused a large net profit.

In order to achieve this, the carrier restructured its business, reducing certain itineraries, reducing the number of services and replacing several large planes. This strategy enabled the carrier to recuperate from its losses and win back gains, demonstrating that it was crisis-proof. Today, Jet Airways has more than 100 aircrafts to service 65 national and global destination.

Jet Airways is becoming one of the most recognized carriers in India with million of passenger per year and a multitude of destination throughout India and the rest of the globe. Jet Airways prevailed in the 21st place in 2016. 1 per cent of the Indian aviation sector, making it the second largest carrier in India.

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