Istanbul Taxi Receipt

Taxi Istanbul Receipt

To take a taxi in Istanbul is cheap and easy, but only a fool would believe that all drivers are honest. Here's how to prevent popular Istanbul taxi fraud. In Istanbul I met many nice, helpful and friendly taxi drivers. On the receipt, the company name is "Tuvi Turizm. Web Sitesi - Yellow Taxi Tariff for Turquoise Taxi!

Hints on Preventing Popular Istanbul Taxi Fraud

Taxi (taksi) in Istanbul is a convenient, simple and convenient way of transport. Thousands of cabs going through the city, only a jester would believe that all riders are upstanding. Fortunately, most of them are indeed fairly, but there are more and more cases where tourist are crowded during a taxi trip in Istanbul.

These are the most beloved Istanbul taxi fraud and how you can stop it from passing you. As soon as you're done, don't miss to check out more hints to help avoid Istanbul's famous taxi fraud. Fraud - This is a very frequent ploy used by taxi riders around the globe on tourists, and Istanbul is no exception whatsoever to the rules.

If you are a traveler, you do not know the quickest way to your final point, so the taxi rider can make an additional trip around the blocks and jazz up the bill. Knowing the way, the traveller will come up with the reason that there is a huge congestion on the normal road or just pretends to have been wasted.

Therefore we have decided to give you an idea of the taxi prices from Istanbul to the most popular travel locations. It will give you a neat hint as to when you should begin to argue with the taxi cabbie and shorten the bill he presents to you. Fraud - For reasons of reasoning, we suppose the ticket price is 15 TL and you give it a 50 TL mark.

Outside of view, he changes the tone with a 5 TL tone he has prepared, shows it to you and awaits you to give him the "remaining" 10 TL tone. Solutions - Always make sure you have lots of small banknotes and even taxi trip tokens so you can give the taxi drivers the precise amount.

If you have to give a larger mark and are expecting changes, review the value of the mark before giving it to the rider. Pointing the notes and awaiting the delivery until he has ready the changes also works miracles. Even the tip for a taxi is not a common practice in Turkey, unless he helps you load or unload your baggage.

Fraud - Again, let's say the show is 16 TL and you give him a 20 TL bill. Apparently, the operator looks around a little in his driving position. Alternatively, which I usually do, just get in the truck and tell him to go to a store and make a notice. Fraud - The chauffeur proposes to fix a fare for the trip to your final destination instead of using the taximeters.

So the only times you could accept not to use the gauge is when you are comfortable with the itinerary and the fares and you get the same or a better offer.

Taxi, taxi? Fraud - There are about 19. Thousands of taxi driver in Istanbul, officially and licenced. Unfortunately, there are at least a similar number of illicit, nonlicensed or privately owned taxi riders. The Istanbul taxi's are coloured amber, have a tacsi shield on the rooftop, have a counter installed (newer ones have them incorporated into the mirror) and show their belonging to a taxi rank, airports, hotels, etc. at their door.

They can have the guesthouse call one for them, search for them at taxi ranks or simply mark them on the road. Fraud - The taxi operator sets the taximeter on overnight hours (gece) in the morning or at night. 2. Resolution - Make sure the gauge is always adjusted to the hour of the day setting (gündüz).

The words should appear on the counter screen at periodic intervalls. Read on with 4 more hints to help you prevent frequent taxi fraud in Istanbul. What can be done to detect and prevent frequent tourist fraud in Istanbul?

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