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Check out Jet Air flights today and get the best flight deals. Check out the Jet Air seats, free baggage allowance and check-in information. What's the point of flying with Jet Airways? Also known as Jet Airways, Jet Air is a Mumbai-based carrier that operates over 300 daily services. Jet Air serves 68 major cities such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai International and Sharjah with its major base at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airports and multiple alternate bases throughout India.

At Jet Air, we provide our customers with a variety of convenient ways to conveniently log in from their home or office or even from the airports to see if they are on-line.

For those wishing to make a check-in at the airports, it should be noted that the desk is open 3 hrs and 1 hrs prior to scheduled departures and 2 hrs and 45 min prior to scheduled departures. Dubai check-in desks in Dubai are closed 75 min before the flight, so you should arrive at the Dubai Airports in time for departure.

Internet check-in is possible from 48 to 2 hrs before departure, with the exception of some economic travellers who can do so 24 hrs before departure. Selected aerodromes, Dubai included, also provide self-service check-in terminals that can be used from 24 to 75 min before departure for overseas services.

Any passenger on a Jet Air flight is entitled to take luggage to check-in in the cargo compartment, with entitlements varying widely by air travel type and itinerary. On the website of the carrier you will find a practical luggage calculator with which you can verify the allowance for your destinations and fares. In addition to registered luggage, travellers may carry on aircraft a piece of carry-on luggage not weighing more than 7 kg in Economy or 10 kg in Premiere and First class.

Additional charges will apply to all luggage in addition to your free checked bags, depending on the location. Thus, for example, 70AED* per kg is calculated for extra luggage on trips to and from Dubai. In addition to Jet Airways' standard seats in business class, it also offers luxury premieres and first class for those who enjoy flying in a stylish manner.

With a 30-32 inch tilt, economic travellers get plenty of leg room, while in the Premiere Class the leg room with a 40-49 inch tilt is very spacious. First Class travellers can reach out with 90 inch legs, full-size bedding and personal suite accommodation. Whilst the choice of seats for Premiere Class, First Class and frequently used aircraft is free of charge, a small charge will be made to business travellers for this special treatment.

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