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Lankan Air Taxi Sri Lankan Online Booking

You only have an online booking system, but not sure how far it works. Air Taxi Sri Lankan - Sri Lanka Forum On April 14, 2012 I bought and payed the online ticket for my Koggala (KCT) to Bandaranayake International Airfield (CMB) via Dickwela for flights from Koggala (KCT) to Australia (UL7001). So the IATA international airline numbers I use above are the numbers used on the SriLankan Airlines online booking website. When I land at my target, it quickly becomes clear that the plane did not arrive at Bandaranayake International Airports (CMB) as stated in my booking references, but at Peliyagoda Waterdrome (IATA address unknown), about 25 kilometers before the CMB.

Following some confusions among some travelers about where we were exactly a man with a checklist, presumably a SriLankan Airlines staff member accompanied the travelers to a waiting minibus to take them to CMBA. Even though the coach transfers to CMB were not indicated anywhere in the booking, all present travellers largely considered that this transport was part of the price of the air fare as CMB was indicated as the final point of arrival.

Contrary to other travellers who wanted to go to the CMB because I intended to go from the CMB to Negombo airports, I said this to the man with the traveller so that I could be drop off at the junction to the Negombo terminal from where I would make my own way to Negombo.

With this statement, however, I was accompanied to a seperate car, an old delivery truck of weak age, in which the chauffeur had already taken a seat. After the man with the manifest had assigned the other passangers to the minibus, he soon connected with the chauffeur and me in the truck (only three persons).

That man then asked me where I wanted to go, and I said to him that Lewis Place was about 10 kilometres away northeast of the junction of the airport. Just a few kilometres before the turn-off to the CMB airfield the chauffeur halted, paused the truck and the man with the passengers got out and said to me to pay chauffeur LKR3500 when I arrived at my final point.

Amazed, I said that I was expecting my fare to include the costs of at least one flight to CMB if not to Lewis Place. I thought at that point that the additional 10 km in an old delivery truck (not an airlimousine ) from the junction to Lewis Place, just off Negombo, wouldn't be 3500 LKR?

Did the minibus users pay a similar amount to get to the airports? After the man left the truck, the chauffeur drove further north while I checked and confirmed my booking data and the freight agreement clearly stating that the ticket price was payable at CMB International Airports.

Then I showed this booking reference to the trucker, who halted the truck and phoned the same guy on his cell who had just gotten out of the truck. Drivers gave me the telephone to talk to him. When I heard this, I was insisting on only being taken to the departure point where I would go my own way as my initial purpose was.

On my urging the chauffeur drove me to the turn-off to the international train station CMB. But before I refer SriLankan Air Taxi to others, this mess has to be cleaned up. When the IATA flight number ''CMB'' is specified on the flight booking reference, you are expected to be taken to that location.

Although transportation by coach is necessary to reach your ultimate goal, this should be clearly stated on your website when booking.

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