One World around the World Ticket

Billet Un monde autour du monde

What is my oneworld Explorer tariff? Up to 12 month to finish your travel. Just type your travel route into our Around the World Reservation Engine to generate a quotation that contains all your tax, charges and supplements. It is also possible to store your route and recall it later. Every section of your travel must be prebooked online without leaving the sections open.

Reservations involving a minor under the age of two must be made directly to a member company. Up to nine seats can be booked on one reservation, except for Cathay Pacific Ticket (maximum six) and American Airlines Sector ( maximum seven). Reservations must be made eight and a half business days before your first flights.

Later, you can make changes to your travel arrangements if your trip ends within 12 month of the beginning of your trip. Online services charges may be incurred in accordance with the guidelines of different airlines. Premium Economy Upgrade is also available for British Airways (World Traveller Plus), Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines and Qantas services.

American Airlines' travel routes must not contain Cuba as a travel target due to U.S. government limitations. Certain services may not be available as the first flight segments, subject to the availability of ticket carriers. Click on the link below to go to the various airlines' web sites for further information. In the event of changes or cancellation before departure, please refer to the member company that made out your e-ticket.

Should you need to make changes to your travel route during your trip, please consult the member company with which you are travelling on your nextegment. Remember that cancellation and/or route changes that necessitate redirection will incur revision charges and/or services fees15.

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