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Parkland victim's mother reimbursed after ,000 indictment.

On the same day, when a shooter opened fire in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Hall in Parkland, Fla., Linda Beigel Schulman was looking for southern heights. This corresponded to the description of her boy Scott Beigel, a professor at the university. Desperately to guarantee his security, Schulman, her husband as well as her sister were looking to leave the New York area and head southward as soon as possible.

"A long history brief, because of college having snow pause and a home PGA golf tournament taking place in Florida, there were no available flights to be had," Schulman re-counted Monday on Facebook. Instead, they turned to a charters airline named Talon Air - used by LeBron James and Martha Stewart, the website memos - to fly that particular date.

"And I knew it would be really expensive," said schoolman. It accepted, however, spending with part of the bill: the $18,229 cargo it said stated the firm had to fly an empty aircraft back to Long Island the next morning. So, on Monday, 74 working days after Talon had flown her to Parkland, after finding out that her boy killed that night as a "hero" in student accommodation, she filed her claim on-line with Schoolman.

Suddenly, the pole came after a series of communication between her and the firm, Schulman said, in which Talon was offering to tap as much as $2,000 off her bill - a 5% cashback or so. "I' ve been waiting all this while hoping that the owners of Talon Air, Inc.. would show some sympathy, but if you continue reading, you'll see that unfortunately he didn't," she said.

It' a luxurious executive search firm, they argued, didn't you get the costs? The next morning Adam Katz, the creator of Talon Air, was among them. "None of the adults should have to go through what you and so many other families have been through," Katz said in a note published by Schulman on Facebook Tuesday, adding:

"that you take the liberty of talking to me, and I apologise for how badly Talon treated this terrible affair in the first place." Schulman said Katz was offering to pay back the entire plane to CNN, but she declined. Instead, they decided to return the $18,000, with the proceeds going to the Scott J. Beigel Memorial Fund.

Schoolman, for her part, said she would return the $2,000 originally reimbursed by Talon Air, and thanked Katz.

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