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Prior to your next flight with Alaska Airlines, be sure to visit our baggage handler to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Customer reviews Alaska Airlines | SKYTRAX Alaska Airlines employees were great and the overall excitement was unsurpassed. Everything worked and the aircraft is very comfy. Aircrew seemed to be well educated. They seem to be a budget carrier and bill them for checking in luggage and groceries.

Seattle to Reno. There was no problem with the actual ride. You said the plane was too fast to drink, but you could buy alcoholic beverages, juices and bottled wine. This doesn't make much of a difference that the plane was too close to serving beverages (soda only), but they were serving beverages. However, my home trip, which had the same range, was serving beverages that includedoda.

Anyway, we wanted to briefly begin the descent to Seattle, so I began to get up to use the bath, and the FA said to me very politely that I should lean back, I couldn't use the bath. There were another 10 mins from the moment he said I couldn't use the bath until the seatbelt safety shield was put on.

He then came by and climbed into my face and discourteously said to me to sit up my chair again. I' ve never been on a plane with such terrible behaviour from a jet attendant before. I had a great time flying home until I picked up my baggage. I' ve had this done before; there was no comment that TSA was looking for my pouch so if this is log, then Alaska should keep an eye on her employee.

I had such a great Alaska Airlines time. They were very responsive and sympathetic and were able to get me on the next plane to Seattle, WA from San Diego within the next two hour. Vancouver to Fairbanks via Seattle.

√Ālaskan First is better than the premier industry and the home market of Europe, very similar to the home market of Qantas. Even though the Seattle plane is scheduled for an hours trip because we were only in the plane for half an hours, as we were informed, there was no food at all.

YVR's soil overload slowed us down and we just made the Seattle link. Bottom stowage there was extremely, almost an hours from pushing back to the start. Consequently, I got an e-mail excuse and an offering for a rebate on a prospective air ticket, more than one gets from some airlines.

Without my knowing and despite my punctual arriving at the airport gates, this carrier took me to a later plane for my connection to Newark. Now I' m five and a half hour late. After we had made holidays in Alaska, we used Alaska Airlines - of course we will not make this error again.

and we had about 2 hours stay. This aircraft had suffered a birds stroke requiring a one-hour overhaul. For the next lesson they waited for them to refuel the aircraft, which took no petrol. Two hours late, we're off.

Needless to say, I was angry and said that no one was available to take our demand at this time of the day. So we had to make more money, because we had to reserve a room, because we were awake since 2 o'clock in the morning, it was 21 o'clock and we had to make a 3-hour trip to get home.

Alaska Airlines has lodged a complaints within the Directive with me to file this within a 24-hour period. So far all I have received from them is an e-mail confirming the grievance and that it will take about 30 workingdays for them to reply. Honolulu to San Diego August 23, 2018 I flew away with my 7 months old and a 5 years old daughter.

Hopefully the cabin crew would be more sympathetic, because at the airports the employees could offer us a convenient place to sit. An air hostess was impolite in contrast to the older ones who were kind, it was natural that they had a politics, but she could have said it beautifully, like diaper change, like she could have said it in a more beautiful way, that it is only permitted in the toilet, we understands that.

And then my 5yrs old broke up and by that we cleaned the plastics sack they collected garbage, so we said we have a vomit, but in a pouch and she said Rude that it should be tossed into the toilet, the older companion was very cute, responsive to our needs, she kindly said they couldn't keep it, but I can put it in the garbage pouch myself.

I' d suggest Alaska Airlines after this one. There was a delay in the plane and they reassured us that we had enough spare to make our connection.

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