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What does a plane cost? You can find the current Boeing share price here. Buy online airplane toys for children of all ages and watch them prepare for takeoff with their new favorite toy. Last summer, an aircraft set seven new world records in the French Alps.

What makes a Boeing 777 cost 320 million dollars?

Its 777 aircraft is Boeing's best-selling twin-engine aircraft. By the end of February, Boeing had shipped a combined 422 of the 777-200ER, 15 of them to Malaysian Airlines.

None of the 370 aircraft ordered from the 777 series is a 777-200ER. Its first 777-200 was shipped to United Airlines in May 1995 and the aircraft went into operation the following November. In February 1997 British Airways supplied and commissioned the first extended-range 777-200ER aircraft.

The 777-200ER would be 261.5 million dollars at today's price and would be the cheapest 777 series. Boeing currently has 257 new 777-300ERs, 44 777F cargo ships and 66 777X aircraft on order. Price per 777-300ER is $320. This is almost $71 million more than the twin-engine 787-9 that Boeing last summers to announce and for which the airline has received orders for 404 aircraft.

Three Boeing engine manufacturers are to supply the two 777-200ER engines: Its 777-300ER uses two GE thrusters, each developing 115,540 lbs of thruster. While the 777-200ER has a max distance of just over 6,000 mile, the -300ER has a max distance of just over 9,100 mile. The cruise is 560 km/h and the top is 590 km/h.

Passenger aircraft may not exceed 43,100 ft. in cruise level. Boeing says a 777 with a light load can speed from zero to 60ph in less than 6 seconds. How much does the airplane cost? 777-300ER can transport 365 passenger aircraft in comparison to the 787-9's total of 280. GE 777 GE 777 engine develops 62% more thrusters than the two 787 GE 787s.

It is also longer than the Dreamliner, has a larger span and a larger surface area and is larger. 777-300ER's max take-off mass is 114 tonnes greater than that of the 787-9. If the new compound blade is added to the 777X, the aircraft's price increases to $349.

As a rule, the price listed is the point of departure in discussions between an aircraft manufacturer and the client. According to Leeham News and the Comment website, the real sales price can be 20% to 30% lower - or higher. Its 787 exceeds the 777 in its maximal cruising distance - around 9,750 to almost 9,100 mph - and refuellingiciency.

The 777s will not be cannibalised by the 787s.

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