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So it is to fly with Alaska Airlines, which Virgin America buys. Alaska Airlines (AS) and Horizon Airlines' baggage policy for regular basic fares includes the following: The Alaska Airlines announce destination for new flights from Paine Field. SEATTLE - Alaska Airlines has posted the destination for its Everett's Paine Field day-to-day services. By the time merchant services begin at the airfield this autumn, Alaska will be offering 13 non-stop flights a day to eight major locations - Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, California, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose, California.

Air frequency for each town, and departures and arrivals later this year will be released, pending regulatory approvals, the carrier said. According to Alaska, Everett's rates are similar to those paid by Sea-Tacs now. Currently, Propeller Airports and Snohomish County are constructing the new state-of-the-art facility to service a North King County and Snohomish County population of one million.

Those who say it's a good idea to have a Snohomish County regional aerodrome have accepted the Paine Field passenger flight permit proposal. "It' d be so much more comfortable now to have an airfield right here," said Brainard Lee. "Yes, we have listened every four years, yes, air travel has gotten poorer because we have more air travel entering," Everett inhabitant Jackie said.

According to Alaska, its flight schedule at Paine Field will only raise passenger numbers by 6 per cent. This autumn, United Airlines will also operate scheduled departures from Paine Field. For the six day trips there is still no information on possible destination.

The Alaska Airlines opens Russia's "Wild East".

Most of the time in the twentieth millennium, the Far Eastern part of Russia was taboo for Americans. Russia's nearest part to the United States, Russia eastern of Siberia, also seemed the most repulsive. Sakhalin Island, home base of the Soviets air strike that launched Korean Air Lines flight 007; and Vladivostok, a town that was shut down to all Westerners when it was the home haven of the Soviets Pacific Navy.

Alaska Airlines is setting up a flight net between Seattle and Anchorage and the back doors of Russia. The latest addition to the airline's portfolio will be scheduled from 10 May on weeklies from Seattle and Anchorage to the airline's fifth regional gateway, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Sakhalin Island city.

Alaska Airlines will be offering city-hop flights to Americans with multiple-entry visa in Russia this sommer. Meanwhile, the carrier, which says that it earns cash on its Russia flights, has progressively expanded its services. 1991 the military duty began in two cities: Magadan, a twin town of Anchorage, and Khabarovsk, a European-style inner town, are the industry and commerce centre for the Far East of Russia.

Russia opened a Seattle embassy in 1993 and the United States a Vladivostok embassy in 1993 to help ease trans-Pacific tourist and commercialization. This year Alaska Airlines began its flight to Vlad, a rolling country with a view of the ocean that was once known as Russia's San Francisco. Following the consolidation of commercial air traffic in the spring, the carrier launched year-round services in 1994.

In the following year Petropavlovsk was added, the biggest town on the Kamchatka peninsula. Now that the US petroleum corporations are beginning to bore on Sakhalin, the carrier is planning to go to the Isle. Anchorage' and Yuzhno' services will enable field assistance firms to get there in six hour, poised for business," said Douglas K. Barry, Associate Professor at the University of Alaska Center for International Business.

'' The construction of a route system to the Wild East of Russia was as rough as its airports. 3 summer ago, when a first take-off was to take place in Petropavlovsk, the soil officials informed the pilots that he had no right to fly, which forced him to turn the dignified aircraft back to Anchorage.

Some years before, when the first Alaska Airlines plane flew to Magadan, there was no de-icing operation at the airfield, 400 kilometers southern of the Arctic Circle. Those travels have contributed to thawing the relationship between the United States and the Far East of Russia, a huge and remote geography with 7 million inhabitants spread across an area two-thirds the size of the lower 48 states.

Alaska Airlines operates two weekly departures to most of its destination during the peak holiday period. From September it reverts to a weekly one. All year round the carrier operates McDonnell-Douglas MD-80s. With Aeroflot, the only contender on the Trans-Pacific route, it is offering one weekly trip from Seattle and Anchorage to three Russia destinations:

The Aeroflot, which operates Russia's jet airlines, requires about 900 dollars for its economic fare, about 200 dollars less than the similar fare offered by Alaska Airlines. Russia's Far East is gradually attracting a persistent group of businessmen and adventurers. In order to meet a rising demand, two British travel guides are covering the region:' The Russians Far East:

Obtainable from Russian Far East Update, a Seattle-based online newsletters.

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