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Michigan Aircraft Rental

The Crosswinds flight school is one of the few flight schools with brand new aircraft. We offer the best maintained rental aircraft and flight training of the highest quality. Orchard Beach Aviation offers aircraft at Manistee Airport for pilots who want to fly and enjoy the surroundings or explore the beauty of northern Michigan.

Training and aircraft rental with Crosswind Aviation

Our aim is to provide the most effective and safest possible aviation education. It is our aim to open the door for pupils who have the wish and the enthusiasm to soar. Aircraft are equipped with the latest state of the art aviation electronics technologies to make sure our aircraft are equipped with all the available capabilities today. Aircraft with state-of-the-art aviation electronics are used to provide our pilot with all the necessary ressources for less work and better decisions.

We also maintain and clean our aircraft to the highest possible standard to minimise distraction. With our Aviation Electronics in place on all our aircraft, we are able to provide the highest level of situation awareness available today. With our organised curriculum, you'll receive step-by-step instructions with videos and textbooks to help you become a winning pilots.

All our trainers are seasoned pros with a number of stunning references and tens of thousand flying lessons. Offering the highest levels of training and aircraft rental, in neat, new aircraft to ensure the most safe and economic way to travel. The High School Training Program was a great learning outing.

It is our aim to open the door for pupils who have the wish and the enthusiasm to soar. It is our aim to create consciousness and a structural, accessible option for student pilots who wish to acquire their personal pilots licence before proceeding with an academic aeronautics programme. Well, I hadn't found a flying academy where I felt well.

Feeling very beautiful and reassuring is when you know that you are all really interested in aeronautics and your people. Make a crosswind expedition, and any other place you visit will look like it got bogged down in the twentieth cenury.

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The online aircraft planning is here. Below you will find a listing of currently available aircraft: Blck Teme Discounts: Get $2/h off on aircraft rental by making a $600 deposit or the converted 10 hour flight in aircraft. Get 10 hour multiple motor rental rebate on your unit purchases. Instructions to fly: Notice: To hire the arrow, you must have at least 125 full hour log and have either 25 retractable hour or 10 hour of the same typ.

Please feel free to browse and sample our Sample Checkout Test and Sample Aircraft Rental Application. This is NOT an authorized aircraft database resource. It is the pilot's responsibility to obtain the aircraft information required for aircraft scheduling. InsuranceThe following information is provided in accordance with the State of Michigan Act 96 of Public Acts of 1986.

The landlord is liable for these retentions. If the Hirer allows the necessary excess to expire, it is understandable that the Hirer will not hire an aircraft, and if the Hirer breaches this provision by still hiring an aircraft, the Hirer shall be fully and entirely liable for the payment of such excess.

It is available from most aerospace insurers. The RENTAL CONDITIONS hereby undertake to comply with all applicable FAA rules and the following terms and conditions. Before take-off, examine the aeroplane and carry out a surface inspection and not take off, unless it is in an aerated state. Receive meteorological and forecast information immediately before each cross-country journey so that no one else can do it.

In order to compensate for the damage or lost of the aircraft due to my carelessness which is not insured. The aircraft must be returned at the appointed date, if the conditions permit. Bringing the plane back to the place of departure at my cost, if for any reasons it is obliged to move it. Failure to inform us of your cancelation will result in a charge of half the amount of your planned aircraft and/or Instructor flight for you.

In case you cannot do a basic hour, you must inform your flying teacher at least 24 hrs in advance. prior to the start of the trip. All no-show fees must be or will be prepaid before your next outing. The change from one aircraft to another can be carried out with the planning methods "ALT". This must be done at least 24 hrs before your arrival.

When you are 15 mins or more too late to call, your planned aircraft may be cleared for use by another person. Aircraft are charged for a 2 working day AND/or 3 working day and/or 3 working day at weekends for accommodation and cross-country skiing. The chargeable C152 ( or air conditioning unit ) hr must be 1/2 of the planned duration for less than 4 hr block or must be authorized by instructor or manager (Mark or Ross).

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