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Plane private transport

Helicopter flights and airplane tours in Chicago! Who' s Waldo? They are great presents and can be bought all year round! Waldos open plan New Standard D-25 Bi-Plane offers room for up to four people, and prospective Stearman instructors have the ability to take control and make a vision come true! There is nothing more beautiful than an open flight in the cockpit, and this is really an adventure you will never forget.

Featuring Waldo's Stearman bi-aeroplane expertise, Waldo makes it a dream come true for those who dream of flying a classic bi-aeroplane! You deserve the fundamentals of flying and take control as you and your trainer fly across the skies! In order to make a reservation, call 863.873. Who' s Waldo? The Waldo Wrights Flying Service takes you on the adventures of a life!

Beginning in 1995 with the vision of recreating two New Standard double-deckers to capture the "Golden Age of Aviation", what has become America's biggest classic double-decker business has evolved into the world's biggest and most successful aircraft manufacturer. Set up to four people on a New Standard D-25 flight! This New Standard aircraft was developed by Ivan Gates, the owner of the Gates Flying Circus, especially for storms.

Gates was one of the biggest groups of storm aircraft from the mid-1920s to the early-1930s and operated Clyde Pangborn. The plane, which carried 4 occupants in a large, open front flight deck, contributed significantly to inviting hundred thousand of pilots to their first flight when air travel was still in its early stages.

When they were young, many still recall being flown from a meadow near their home town. Very few of these splendid planes are still in service today; in fact, Waldo has two of the seven planes currently underway. Take a classic biplane! Behind the wheel of a Boeing Stearman! The Waldo Wright flight service also provides individual flight services for a Boeing Stearman pilot.

Stearman was the head coach of the Second World War. Lots of young men and women quit their job as schoolteachers, doctors, ballplayers or housewives when they joined the army and got into these biplanes to study the fundamentals of flying. When the Stearman was defeated, the Kadets handed over to a Base Coach ( BT-13), the Advance Coach ( T-6 or AT-11) and then either a Hunter or Bomb.

Stearman planes lay the groundwork to accompany these pilot for the remainder of their career, and this "seat-of-the-pants" flight expertise often rescued them from catastrophe in the more sophisticated planes.

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