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1 800 Number Charter Communications

To contact the Charter Communications customer service team, call (314) 965-0555, website:, address: Yeah, 14 days to get my phone number back! Spectrum Communications Charter is an American telecommunications company.

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Don't even think about doing deals with Charter Cable unless you believe in the teeth faerie, Unicorns and Santa Claus! You even renamed it "Spectrum" because of its bad name as a Charter Cable and with a new name, maybe a new beginning? Believe me, their streaks haven't really improved because this firm is out to fuck you!

They' ll register you for an online services deals that sound too good to be real, because that's it! Calling support to find out about other possibilities before the ISP change, I was notified about my use, which is eligible for a "seasonal rate" that was declared perfect for second home use.

$11. 99 a fucking month! No! Today, 6 time period advanced, I got a statement for $78. 86 and am accrued to $64. 99 per time period for 30MBPS! After being on indefinite delay, I was eventually replied by an operative that English was not their main one.

It is the last firm you will want to commission for anything unless you really are enjoying a sorrowful episode such as purchasing a used vehicle, cracked lip or a dental burrow! Said turn off the services and then the $44.99 per month quote drop. If I accept this business, I would have to go through this torture again in 6 month!

The charter came into the charter home by itself, without any complaint or problems, to tell us that there was a trouble with our services. This was a good one. Our web has been crashing ever since. It' s awful that I had to do with them for years, but Charter beat them like an Olympian swimming star in the first swimming group.

The Charter is terrible. Do not do anything with this POS enterprise. Work: the facilities people are great. They' re kind and kind and do a greatjob of handling the trash that's the charter. I was optimistic about this enterprise in the past and have given way to complete desperation. Yesterday evening I took out every piece of wiring gear and this mornin' I will drag myself to the village bureau and give everything back to them.

Apart from the web. Based on recent experiences, they'll probably fuck with me on this as well. Conversely, if you're ever wondering what kind of crappy services might push someone to this stage of madness, just try to deal with charter. Oh, and by the way, Charter's offices are in the industry area under the viaduct.

The connection will be disconnected to get a 4 month and over $200 bill for the use of the web and for being considered dishonest. It regularly needs a few days for this business to react to all kinds of problems. The last of many unfortunate things I experienced was that we ordered the web site in our new home, it took almost 3 week until they brought us in.

We' d use another firm if we had an alternative, but this is the only firm in our area. I' ve been living in my new home for a whole months without the web, which is extremely intolerable considering that I work from home. Our services are always on and off.

Duty does not cease for one or two minutes, but for 4 to 16hrs each. Repairs are carried out outside the home and these suppliers seem to work only from 9 to 17 o'clock. Every 11:00 every evening this weekend, the services run out. In our small municipality, we get far worse services and have no supplier competitors.

We just went to Ocean Park Washington and agreed that we needed TV and fast track access. Calling spectrum to have the services set up. Apart from the one fellow who came out, every other individual we spoke to was cool and obviously could take less notice of client services. That' s the way this business deals with potential clients?

Fortunately, they're not the only high-speed ISP in the city. I wouldn't wish it on my foe with such services. I went to give back my junction box at the Astoria site at 1 pm on a Tuesday - the hours at the doors were clearly and largely announced that they were open Mo-Sa until 6 pm.

I agree with lunches, but please leave them off and at least come to the front and let me know you're at luncheon (and when I should come back!!!!) instead of disrespectfully neglecting me while I balance 3 wire boxes/strings/remote controls in the raining water at a point when you should be open.

I have a fairly new house, about five years old, pre-wired for cables. Charter vessel was also provided with TV/net. Calling the charter to relaunch the ministry. You came home to me and I saw your engineer cutting off the previously used plug. I' ve tried to disconnect your services, but the charter cord must return your gear to disconnect the services.

It was a horrible thing to do on the cables. Although the hostel has 92 rooms, the firm has given them a low ranking. Poorest after sales services - that is, no after sales service, worst equipment - very old and outdated - appreciate DVR 7-10 years behind satellite providers, program guides extremely bad, programming bad, image bad, but otherwise.........

This is how cables have a terrible level of client support. That' s why I won't talk about how terribly poor the Charter is. is why I murdered my wireman. And so I phoned Charter and said, "Hey, I see my bill went up, can you make me any deals?

Saying at this point I thanked and phoned Directv and setup the facility for cables. When that was done, I phoned Charter to get the wire cancelled. I' ve kept the web because it's quick and dependable and I don't have to be worried that my bill will jump up. It was at this point that I was occupied with the marvelous "disconnect your service" management of Charter.

Here you have to fight an idiot to actually separate your work. but it was 30 moments of my lifetime in which I'll never come back. I' m telling you, Charter has dropped my deal because they're trying to demand too much for obsolete gear, bad image and terrible customer care.

Rather, I moved to my other vendor and have state-of-the-art gear, a better image, better customer care, and an overall infinite ease of use. Yeah, it's a 2 year deal, but if you really hate it, you can call Charter and get the services back with them and they'd be paying the separation charge that Directv has... that was something the woman on the telephone said to me about 30 once.

We wanted quicker access to the web in our offices..... lt came with telephone services in one package, so we took it upon ourselves. Our four congested pipelines plus 800 dedicated services are now down. I should have stayed with the telephone operator. Baddest firm ever! Deceived me into improving my services from living, which tells me I had a problem with my Hardware and would take 5-7 Tage to fix, but would be the next Day facilities if I improved to shop that was twice as much per months!

On the next morning I confessed that it was her issue, but I chose to update for a better one. Yeah, 14 and a half to get my number back. I' ve got 7 open tickets numbers, 2 empty pledges that a manager would call me back, and even two charter telephone calls asking to give me more services, and when I quietly told the second that it was 10 business days since my issue began.... he hangs up!!!!!

I' ll never use the Charter again! Poorer quality services from ANY firm I've done deals with. Well, I could make a little paper on bad customer care. We' ve got charter in a holiday home. Personally we had to collect our junction boxes and wait three years to get there.

Every months we charge for a special guest services, which we only use if we are visiting the home. So we have chosen to include the web so that we can have a servicing call at the week-end. My estimate is that if you paid $65 a months you couldn't get a call, but if you wanted to give them more $, they'd make it work.

We have been waiting 3 years for the cord case, it does not work, no help from our after sales team. and they reassured us they were on their way. We' re stuck with a busted wire locker, no lnternet, no solution from them. But if you can get TV and web from another resource, then do it.

Keep away from this firm at all cost. to remind you of it. Carters suck.

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