Jet Powered Flight

Strahlgetriebener Flight

RL Iron Man demonstrating jet-powered flight suits in Dubai It was Richard Browning versus Iron Man hero Tony Strong. Other people might think he's out of his mind. Browning achieves man's dreams of being able to fly like a birds by mounting small jet thrusters on various parts of his human being. On the search for the development of his Taedalus costume - called after the godfather of Icarus, who did not died in ancient Greece - he came to life more than once with a beump.

Browning usefully selected an man-made sea for his Guinness voyage of discovery last November, for the highest velocity in a body-controlled jet propulsion wetsuit. Having reached a 51.53 km/h over 100 meters at his third and last try, the camera shows him diving into the sea in a plume of vapour and fumes, with a wide smile and a bloatedlifejacket.

It consists of six microturbines, each able to deliver 22 kg of thrusts or 1,000 hp. In contrast to the fictitious Marvel characters Tony Stark, Browning is not a millionaire, nor does he reside in a villa in Malibu. After his training as a Royal Marine, an elitist British Royal Navy Amphibious Korps, Browning has retained a high degree of physical condition and runs ultramarathons.

However, he says that the costume, which comes from a person's own flight dream, can be used by anyone who is "reasonably fit". Having looked at several different drive systems, he opted for kerosene or diesel-powered natural Gas engines. Finally, he hoped to bring the car's airspeed up to about 120 km/h, although he has not yet flown at a level that requires a chute or feels less comfortable in the case of an accident than a fall from a motorcycle.

It is now on the table for $250,000 (918,000 Dh) inclusive practice, with the first sales already made.

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