Yellow Cab around me

A yellow taxi around me

The Yellow Cab Company of DC - 18 pictures & 164 reviews - Taxis - 1636 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC - phone number AIPAC Policy Conference and was met by Yellow Cab Company of DC at Union Station. You had a back seat pass through your back seat that had the option of reading your position if you were visually impaired. I' d never seen this before in a cab, but it could definitely help a lot of them.

Driving was very friendly and courteous all the way and knew exactly where he was coming to my Marriott Renaissance van. We had a good little chat and the rider was very friendly. Overall, Yellow Cab Co. of DC is a dependable taxi operator with great chauffeurs who can take you from point A to point B. Dispatcher is RID.

It'?s the firm with the poorest client services. Approximately three and a half day before my planned date of departure my schedules shifted and I phoned the firm to call off the taxi. they said they had no records of my reservations. In fact, the lady I was talking to said that the taxis don't make pick-ups in Maryland.

Three different calls I made and talked to three different guys about whether my booking had been canceled. So, at 3:50 this morning, I have an irate cabbie who calls me and tells me he's outside. When he told him that I had canceled my enquiry well in ahead, he got furious and asked me to still cover the cost.

Having spoken to 3 corporate agents, it should have been clear that I didn't need a taxi shuttle, but they sent one anyway and got mad at me because I didn't pay... horrible shuttle services. The normal taxi drivers, the top cab in pink, seemed to be refusing to come back to fetch me from NE DC.

I' ve phoned twice. So I chose a yellow cab that I didn't like in the past. Wondered why the taxi chauffeur was satisfied with my tip! HINT: THE TAXIS ARE NOW PINK & GREY! I asked the chauffeur and he said I had to be legit and misread it.

Don't use this business unless there is no other way. I was told when I phoned twice: "Should call as soon as possible. "And the only thing I give these 2 star is that the rider was very kind and forgiving for my problems. There' s a good point why guys choose this firm over the others.

I' ve been calling this firm for some customers who didn't have the Uber application, otherwise I wouldn't be using it at all. When I first phoned, I asked for 3 taxis for 6 persons, all going to different places. The taxis still hadn't arrived 40 mins later. They said there were no records of my inquiry.

Apparently it's a corporate policy, of course, but the passenger name? Simply use LIFT or UBER, horrible companionship. I am reviewing my third book for Yellow Cab. Calling Yellow Cab the other night before demanding a pickup at 4:45. Drivers knew exactly where they were going. This taxi firm is dependable, trustable and great, I think.

The durability and ease of use of these cabins were very enjoyable for me. To have a photograph of the rider together with certification gave me a little confidence that I might not have found in other urban cabins. And I like that the riders who made it really simple to use your plastic by having the pulling engine in the back seat.

On calling to book a yellow taxi, I expressly said that I wanted to have my puppy carried, and the 246 officer did not explain once, but twice, that they had received my enquiry. But in the mornings, this mornin', to be precise, when the taxi 60940 came to fetch me, he began to complain that he did not know that he should carry my canine.

He continued that every yellow taxi rider in DC knows this and that we, the client, must have a porter for our canines. Calling Headquarters in the taxi driver's company and the operative checking what was happening at my suggestion, he also acknowledged that I had explained that I needed a taxi operator to bear my tow.

The taxi rider said to me that he was doing me a favour and that he was working the area where I was living, he wanted to say that he would not do me another favour. As I showed him my plastic key, he said to me how to use the device, but for some sort of reasons it wouldn't need my plastic key.

Then he took me to the Safeway shop near by, and I had to go to the shop and use their ATM, which was $3. 50, After getting rid of the angry old man, I recalled the Yellow Cab company and asked to talk to the manager. Super intendent 180 comes on the telephone, so I reiterate what his operative told me after the super intendent told me that there are no records of me in which I have ever indicated that I had asked for a taxi to pick up a canine.

Whatever you're doing, please take care of cabbie 60490. I provide a picture of my rider information... he was one of the 2 most terrible guys I've ever known. In order to complaining, I used the DC order page, http://dctaxi.dc. gov/service/complaints they took my history (they also write everything down, so they just confirmed) and explained to me what he did was very null and void and they would condemn him violently.

When we reached our goal, the ticket money showed up on the back passengers' payment monitor in front of me, I pushed my ticket and picked a tip and payed the ticket price for a grand aggregate of $12.30. I was then able to get a ride to the airport. "I need you to tell me when you're using a major cash before you go through with it!

" I: "I have been using taxis all week without having to tell the drivers, I am not sure why this is a issue he has "completed transaction": I: "O....K" and gave him a $100 bill which he took while he was already furious and threatened that he would get very furious now.

I also added my credit cards to the first load. ============= This was the most terrible thing I experienced as a client. The next morning I phoned the firm, leave a note and don't get recalled, notch. It was very simple - just call the number and plan my pick-up schedule for the morning after lunch.

Filthy taxi, impolite chauffeur and no A/C on a really warm sunny morning made a very uncomfortable drive from my desk to a downtown meet. To my disabled mom, I phoned a taxi specially for her, so that when the taxi driver looks up, doesn't even recognize me or even says hello...did u call a taxi nothing....

She replied that it would take an hours before someone else could come and simply ask for my telephone to call me back..... Unacceptable, took over 6 minutes, and the rider grasped the severity and rode accordingly.

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