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Ticket price Jet Airways Check

Q: What is the cheapest price for airline tickets offered by Jet Airways? GoAir, IndiGo follow the example of the flyers, which try to get discounted "jet tickets". If my child turns two on the trip, what happens; do I have to buy a return ticket?

Explains Jet Airways unrestricted access to your bags and how to maximise your time.

How much free luggage is Jet Airways? How do you prevent having to pay for extra luggage at the airports? Here is our indispensable guideline to the Indian airline's luggage regulations and how you can prevent fierce extra charges: How much free luggage is Jet Airways? But the good news is that Jet Airways has a free luggage limit, regardless of the category in which you fly.

Free luggage and extra charge vary depending on which tariff you select, which category you are booking and whether you are a member of the JetPrivilege member retention programme.

After Mumbai Dubai in Economy (special price): 30 kg as default, 40 kg for silver members, 45 kg for goldmembers and 50 kg for platinum members. After Mumbai, Dubai in Première (Flex rate): 40kg as default, 50kg for silver members, 55kg for goldmembers and 60kg for platinum members. JetPrivilege membership entitles you to additional free luggage for your Jet Airways reservation, whether you are traveling in Economy, Première or First Grade.

Platinum and Gold members have 10 kg free luggage capacity (3 kg more than the normal free luggage capacity). Exceptional hold baggage: If you achieve JetPrivilege Platinum designation, you will receive 15 kg of additional economy and 20 kg premier class luggage on travel within India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Goldmembers receive an additional 10 kg in Economy and 15 kg in Première; members receive 5 kg in Economy and 10 kg in Première. Jet Airways' free checked bags increase even further on board our internationals! Sterling Members - an additional 10kg or one item of 23kg in Economy and 10kg or one item of 32kg in Première or First Class.

Goldmembers - an additional 15kg or one item of baggage for 23kg in Economy and 15kg or one item of baggage for 32kg in Première or First Class. If you are a member of our platform - one additional 20kg or one item of baggage for 23kg in Economy and 20kg or one item of baggage for 32kg in Première and First Class.

Naturally, you also receive the other customary discounts such as lounging entrance, prioritized Boarding and a special check-in. In addition to their regular carry-on bags, Jet Airways allows customers to take a few additional objects on board. When you want to take one or two books with you, take them as your read and reduce the amount of carry-on bags!

Garment manufacturers have noticed how much travelers are concerned about their fare. There is now something like "portable baggage", which means you can get additional pounds without violating Jet Airways regulations. Stuffa jackets can wear an additional 5 kg of clothes, which means that your entire cab contents have gone from 7 kg to 12 kg!

If you don't have any custard in Manila - have a look at our guidebook! Pricing, measurements and information are accurate at the date of publishing but may be changed and/or available. Please always check with the carrier before your flight.

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