Aircraft Rental Utah

Plane rental Utah

Aeroplane rental, flight training, flying, aviation, flight training. Official Cirrus Flight Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prepare for flight operation? Fully mobile, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Devices. Prepare for air traffic?

Carry out the checks yourself under the supervision of one of our professionally trained CFI pilots. Arrange a trial trip with us and begin your trip to heaven. Find out more about the Bountiful FLT (Flight-Crew Lead Training) programme in conjunction with SkyWest.

Become a SKYWest staff member from the very first date, $20,000 write-off, no payment until you are commercial valued.

Platin Aviation - Create tomorrow's pilots today!

Select from four aircraft for hire or for the airplane. Platinum Aviation was founded in 2015 and has become the leading flying academy in the Utah Valley. It is our mission to coache, teach and supervise today's students and to make them future pilots or pilots of their choice.

That which began as a mere concept of flight for enjoyment and instruction has become too much more. We have a shared objective, from recreational pilots to pilots aiming for a professional aeronautical career: to help our customers overcome disorder and reach their objectives as cost-effectively as possible.

With our expanding range of aircraft and the ever-increasing demand for pilot services, we offer limitless options. Whatever your objectives and your budgets, our enthusiastic and professional staff can help you reach your objectives. As a multifaceted pilot training center located in the heart of the Utah River Basin, we have our fingers on the heartbeat of the airwaves.

Looking for a cost-effective air travel education programme?

Axiom Aviation

Accompanied by our top quality trainers we offer extensive and thrilling tuition at the best Utah aviation training center. Axiom Aviation allows you to acquire the skills of an instructor with different background and experiences. Whether it's an instructor who has trained nationally or personal instruction from an airliner pilots, anything is possible at Axiom Aviation's training facility.

The Axiom Aviation flying academy offers flying education for those interested in flying privately through business licences and even teacher assessments! come learn to fly. Come on, get to know us! We also offer floor trainings at the flying academy to help you successfully complete all your examinations from your privat pilots licence to Airline Transport Pilots (ATP).

Plan a trial trip today to see the differences for yourself! Never before has there been a better moment to make your dream of being a flyer come true! No matter if your dream flights began as a kid or if they began when you learned about the global lack of pilots, Axiom Aviation is right here!

The Axiom Aviation Group has partnered with several credit providers specializing in pilots education finance to deliver the simplest claim form, fastest results and rock bottom interest rate. Thanks to the programmes we have developed with our proven partner, we are now in a position to finance flying schools at interest levels of up to 0%!

Student axioms arrive twice as quickly on avarage.

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