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Multi-City rate purchases" - Air Travel Forum Multi-City Shopping" I've never bought for Multi-City before. Although the journey is so far out, I check the fares about three weekly. What is the "trick" of purchasing Multi-City that is different from purchasing a normal round-trip ticket? Today I saw a fall in prices from a large provider that is approaching the lowest rate yet.

If you could spend $50 to get away from all the insecurity, would you? I usually make reservations 2-3 month in advanced, according to when I leave and what kind of flexible service I need. Normally I miss the best rates, but not much. Buy at multi-city rate" I am in agreement with GeoMedic.

I wonder if there is less pricing agility with a multi-city plan. The search for multi-city tours is similar to a round tour. Even though you don't mentioned the stages of the journey, a thought might be where you might want to make a transport if necessary.

Instead of overseeing the fares for such a journey yourself, you can create a fares alarm at As far as I know, this is the only thing that will do this for certain multi-city services. Buy at multi-city rate" I accept GeoMedic. It' s very unlikely that rates will drop, and even if they do, it usually comes from the flexible nature of the tickets.

Remember that the prize is not the only problem, you should review the conditions of the tickets if it suits your needs - for example, if you can modify the date at no additional cost. Purchasing for Multi-City fares" I accept that Multi-City is similar to purchasing a roundtrip fare.

Don't say where you're going, just make sure you allow the computer to scan "nearby" aerodromes when searching, as sometimes an aerodrome in one city is cheaper than another. When you have an imagination of a price that you are willing to buy, and when you see a price that is near, I would just buy it.

Multi-City Shopping" "What I'm asking is whether there is less pricing agility with a Multi-City plan. Realism is that you book two through fares when you have an open pine (flight to one of the airports and then back home from another). There is no less pricing versatility as long as the ticket cost is a continuous one and you don't stop by on the way.

Actually, a multiple city tour. Buying for Multi-City Tariffs" 8. Buying for Multi-City Tariffs" Thanks for the help, everyone. Journey is end of May. I don't know your precise details, but as I said above, if you can keep below $1,000, that would be a reasonable rate.

My friend on the eastern shore doesn't have to spend much less than I do for my travels to Europe. Multi-City Rate Shopping" This theme has been discontinued for new items due to lack of activity. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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