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Sign up for our newsletters and keep up to date. First the Learjet 55 was suggested as three seperate aircraft; the Lear 54, Lear 55 and Lear 56, but only the Lear 55 was ever made. The first Learjet 55 took to the air in April 1979 and two years later began manufacturing. In 1986 the aircraft developed from the Lear 55A to the Lear 55B.

Only 8 B-models were produced and again the Lear developed into the Lear Fi55C. On the C side, a modification was made to the bottom of the aircraft and the Delta fins were added for more rigidity. Lear 54C also enhanced airstrip power during landings. An important development for this aircraft was the enlarged canopy.

Up to 50 per cent more cab ins allow passenger compartment room to extend and relax. Cabin is 5. Rather than add extra seats, Learjet's design team chose to keep the cabins open to offer greater passenger convenience and convenience than before. Learjet 55 is an outstanding aircraft; it offers all the quality the Learjet familiy expects, plus speeds and climbability.

Evolving with the launch of the 500 -mile wing, the aircraft's cruising distance has been increased by almost 500 mile, making it an almost trans-continental medium-range aircraft. Cabins were designed to be convenient for corporate passengers and many came with a closed lavender. With the Lear 55, the Lear Jets were transformed from a small, quick and sometimes questionable comfort aircraft into a quick, powerful and very comfortably designed aircraft.

I had a great ride last night. That'?s not something you could do on a scheduled plane. It made us think that we felt secure and at ease before and during the trip. We' ve got a four-person plane to San Francisco on April 15th - 18th... What a great vacation. Thanks to everyone for a great ride!

It is fun to work with such a well organised and highly qualified team.

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