Taxi bill Generator

Taxi-Invoice Generator

Create the taxi invoice for your trip! and avoid an overload....

Taxicab Bill Generator APK Download - Free Productivity APP for Android

It is an application for the generation of invoices. Simply enter the route you have covered in km and choose whether it is overnight or daytime....... Cabbie won't be able to cheat on you.... You will be told the precise invoice by this application, which calculates the price as 25 for the first kilometre and 14 for the following kilometres.

So, use this application if you are travelling by taxi or coming to India and travelling by taxi. Compute the bill by seeing the distances in kilometres in the taximeter and typing them into the telephone. In this way, the cheating of taxi riders in big towns is reduced.

Instead, all your preferences are stored in your web browsers via the LocalStorage mechanisms.

Instead, all your preferences are stored in your web browsers via the LocalStorage mechanisms. Please note: The bills are created on the serverside where they are stored for up to 10 min before being thrown away. Please fill in your email below if you want to get an update when we start a new function!

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