Learjet 70 for Sale

For sale Learjet 70

Running on TFE731-40BR Honeywell engines, the seven-head Learjet 70 has a maximum range of 2,060 NM. Bombardier Learjet 70 has a range of 1,849 miles. At present, the aircraft exchange has 54 Learjet Private Jet aircraft for sale.

Learjet 70 Bombardier | Business Jet Traveler

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Learjet 70: Buyers and Investors Guide

More heavy, less powerful and more costly to run than other lightweight aircraft. The Learjet 70, introduced at EBACE 2012, is an upgraded edition of the beloved Learjet LS40XR. The Lear can carry four people and can carry 70 2,060nm. Thanks to this cruising distance, travellers can travel anywhere in Europe without having to fill up their tanks.

A Learjet 70 seats a total of seven people - two fewer than the slightly bigger Learjet 75. The Learjet 70 only achieves an extra 20 nm reach in exchange for the lower seating capacities. The Learjet 75 thus turned out to be the most beloved of the two planes.

Peak cruising speeds are Mach 0. 81 (534mph), but Bombardier says the average cruising speeds are Mach 0. 76 (583mph) - which offers a better balance between cruising speeds and cruising outreach. Because of its low mass, the Learjet 70 is not a real competitor on the lightweight aeroplane scene. An increased operational mass means that the airplane needs more drive for take-off - and a longer take-off and landing strip.

As a result, the number of passenger aircraft is limited in comparison to other lighter aircraft. Others can arrive at smaller runway aerodromes, potentially bringing the customer nearer to their final destinations. Default cab layout includes twin crew members in front of two default crew members, with a rear seat belt toilet that can accommodate a total of seven people.

With the exception of the rotating and reclining toilet seat with belt, all chairs have two folding desks between the chairs which allow you to work during the flight. In contrast to other lightweight jet aircraft, there is no possibility of reducing the footprint of the caboose in favor of additional chairs. Concerning amusement and tech, the cab has pop-up touch screens where travellers can hear sound or view video, as well as a front compartment screen.

Not only does a heavier load affect the efficiency of an airplane, it also affects the operational outlay. To keep a heavier airplane in the sky, more power is needed, which means that the power plants have to generate higher and higher thrusts. This results in more propellant being consumed - which increases the aircraft's floating operational expenses.

Learjet 70 is capable of burning 198 galons of gasoline per hour and has a floating charge of US$1,840. The CJ3+ and Phenom 300E both consume less gas and run less per hours ($1,402 and $1,497, respectively). Although it is not just good tidings, as part of the increase in propellant consumption is due to the fact that the Learjet 70 can go quicker.

Learjets of the 70' s are also not for sale at low prices. It has a listed cost of 11.3 million dollars, making it at least 2 million dollars more costly than other lightweight aircraft. Combining costly purchase and operation with reduced power in comparison to other lightweight aircraft has resulted in low unit selling.

Only 13 aircrafts have been delivered since the launch of the plane in 2012. The Learjet 75 was chosen by more than 100 clients, with more than 100 airplanes having been delivered in the same year. Stock levels have always been low because the Lear 70 is a small store and in part because Learjet operators are loyally committed.

According to AMSTAT, there have only been three re-sale deals in retailing since the plane became operational.

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