Private Air Transportation

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Its ability to reach more locations around the world and its expanded potential for personalization make private chartering the perfect way to travel for pleasure. Privately owned air traffic & charter service Customers have opted for the Air Charters because they know it is the most convenient and efficient way to fly. In order for this to apply to every customer on every journey, we provide a 24-hour Concierge to every potential traveller. The company is based on the principle of paying close attention to detail, a philosophy that goes beyond security and punctuality, ensuring your convenience and contentment on every journey.

No matter whether it's floor transport, catering, maintenance, cab convenience or schedule planning, we are ready to meet your needs. Our account managers will advise you before your journey and you can fully unwind and take advantage of your flights when the going gets tough. Advantages includes consolidation of invoicing and a unified resource for all your transportation needs, as well as group gatherings and out-of-town congresses.

Select the airport of your start and your destination, with many more possibilities than commercially flying. Select the airplane model and airplane dimensions according to your needs and define the passengers lists. Knowing this makes travelling by private jets even more enjoyable. Privately operated air travel is also more secure for your baggage; you'll see your pockets as you board and disembark, so you know they haven't been wasted!

Brokering multicarrier services - from four to 15 or more in our biggest aircraft - our customers can significantly lower per-person private charters cost. Indeed, with such scheduling, private air charter's cost are often considered to be very competitively priced with commercially air traveling first-class. You will approve every private plane in your area.

You will be contacted by our customer service representatives to select the most suitable jets for each journey on the basis of the number of travelers, baggage needs and distances to be travelled. Above chart contains an estimate per basic cost per hours for select available planes. The ARG/US service includes a system of security ratings that enables potential customers to clearly assess each and every plane and its manning.

ARG/US Air Operator Ratings System categorises Air Charters and their private aircraft into one of four levels: ARG/US offers a special report for every private aircraft named TripCHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification). TripCHEQ, the industry's most extensive and granular security analytics programme, inspects every reserved aircraft, every pilots and every airline before every trip.

The system monitors pilots' certifications, model authorizations, casualties, incidents, infringements, operating certifications, operating controls of aircrafts and airplane insurances. Each of these determinants are specifically verified within each customer's own itinerary. Private-jet charter is one of the most secure ways of travelling available. Airlines are operating their privatejets with FAA supervision over operation, servicing and education on a periodic basis.

The majority of airlines go beyond the FAA prescribed levels of FAA flight instruction. Wyvern inspects many of the airlines chartered. A Wyvern certified airline, widely considered a seal of approval in the aerospace sector, has gone through a thorough on-site audit of its record keeping and an operational audit. In the event that an airplane does not comply with our security standards, we will immediately use another airplane to carry out the journey.

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