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Interior private aircraft

Offering unique furnishing creations, we create styles that reflect the individual needs and tastes of our customers. STEUDIO Established in 2009, the company is based in Toulouse, France and has offices in Miami, Hong Kong, Montreal and Sao Paulo. Our company designs tailor-made interior spaces for private planes, among them company, VIP/VVIP and state planes. To its private customers, the studios offer exclusive room designs that meet the needs and taste of a selected customer base.

We also create interior spaces for air companies looking for breathtaking passenger spaces. We are able to service our customers through our association with Designescence, a specialist interior designer for airports. Our in-house in-house creative teams include industry and interior architects, cladding and colour professionals and 3-D graphics professionals. Inventiveness and originality are at the core of the projects designed by the studios, largely due to the multi-cultural nature of the employees, who bring new, cutting-edge concepts and provide constant sources of motivation.

This is why private jet aircraft are the ultimative interior architecture challenges.

Boat and aircraft designs may divide esthetic synergy, but tight space, high demands and stringent regulatory control make private jet aircraft the ultimate indoor challenges, as Jonathan Bell finds out. Yachtdesign is no longer a unique specialization. In the last two centuries, many of the world's top studio professionals have been asked to focus their attention on other quality interior work.

Private jet designs in particular have evolved from a recess within a recess to a full-fledged branch of the luxurious interior decoration industry. However, it is not only a matter of translating the aesthetics and ethnos of her maritime home or her villa or municipal dwelling into an airplane. In spite of the crossover of designs between the different genres, aeroplane designs are an extremely demanding challenge.

The creation of indoor space for rapid globality is a very different perspective from that of a boot or vacation home, and even the industry's long-time experts are researching new ways to create these strictly controlled rooms. "They' re not quick deals - the love of detail is probably more complex than any of the designs we make," he says.

The concept styling shapes the studio's own visions and inspires new customer concepts. When Boeing and Lufthansa Technik started the 787-9, Winch was instrumental in producing a stunning 3-D release of a Dreamliner-based private aircraft. Although this was never designed, a customer ordered a similar draft for their Airbus A 320.

These principles apply in the same way to the aerospace industry's designs, although their requirements must be met by the stringent regulations of it. Here the unique functionality of the private airplane comes to the fore. Although there can be many synergy effects between the aesthetics of a boat and a jets, he says that the difference in the designing processes is more evident.

"The internal mass is essential for a plane and could influence the aircraft's actual objective - range," he says, and adds that "the implications of approaching the velocity of noise are serious. "Eidsgaard's Pegasus Design airline has built on the vast expertise of its prestigious yachting salon, but also emphasizes the difference between them.

"He says a boat is a vacation home, while a boat is a commercial tool." As Eidsgaard's V-VIP class, Winch says that the esthetic transition between a customer's home, yachts and aircraft is often a characteristic, but it is best done by "branding" the portfolios. For Winch's 99-meter Madame Gu supercar, this involved giving the military-specified Eurocopter a customized interior and paintwork to suit the yacht's two carbon-fiber protected tender.

Embraer Phenom private jet owner is one way to stay at the cutting edge of jet technologies is to order a refund. Recently introduced, the ACE suite allows homeowners to add light, high performing fabrics to their interior with uncovered textures and subtle details inspired by aerospace ingenuity. "It' s ergonomic, craft and styling that begins in the dashboard and resonates throughout the cab, and shares the pilots' experiences with the ACE members' occupants - at least for one flight," says Jay Beever, Embraer's VP of Interior Development.

As the transition between conventional traffic designs and the new requirements of air travel becomes apparent, the future aesthetics of the conceptual cars are brought to the skies. Mercedes Benz Designs, a wholly owned business unit of the leading automotive manufacturer, diversifies into yacht, interior architecture and airplanes, among them a tailor-made Eurocopter EC145. Mercedes Benz also blurs the boundaries of aeronautical engineering by working with Lufthansa Technik to incorporate components from the current F 015 stand-alone conceptual vehicle into the cabins of short- and medium-haul airliners.

A number of other automobile makes are also entering the aerospace industry. BMW's renowned DesignsWorks and Peugeot's own laboratories have both used private aerospace as a test environment for shapes, material and technology. The private airline industry is no longer just geared to the goal, and the countless opportunities for aircraft designs are just beginning to open up.

The gap between esoteric designs and certification-clogged realities shows that interior design continues to be a great challenger for interior design professionals of all nationalities. But, as many boat builders discover, their customers still want to go high in class, which means that research, discovery and discovery play a greater part than ever before.

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