Book Jet Airways Domestic Tickets

Booking Jet Airways domestic tickets

Domestic Airlines - Jet Airways Airlines; Jet Airways New delhi Amritsar Flights. New delhi Amritsar flights. So why book Jet Airways on Rehlat? Won't even be booking jet airways anymore.

When Jet Airways domestic tickets were booked in Paytm, the name Rakesh became Rajesh. I' ve got my Aadhaar map tied to the tickets. Could I go?

Contact Jet Airways support and tell them to fix the problem, they will not bill a cent and it will be done in a matter of just a few mins. You will receive a new voucher at your e-mail address with the same PNR and e-ticket number and the same name. Don't ever try to use another name when all your other information is accurate, it's a crime.

You can also twitter your issue with them, they will request all your data via instant messaging and it will be done. There is no need to buy a cancellation card. Changing the minutes misspelling or addressing errors can be requested. However, the requirement for a total or partial renaming would lead to a transferring of the tickets from one person to another, which is not possible.

Incorrect Jet Airways domestic ticket name - Air Travel Forum

4 adult, 1 kid and 1 kid tickets have been purchased for the domestic India Jet Airways flights! It' all right, except the kid's name is MR instead of Mstr. Is there going to be a dilemma at check-in? If you use the search feature, you will get many and many thread that tell you the same thing.

So when you phoned Jet Airways, what did they tell you? Don't be afraid, it won't be a big deal. I was not allowed to alter the track by Jet Airways. The plan of an air carrier condemned to failure to rescue its mercy. There is no such distinction in many parts of the globe between these two words and on air tickets, not at all.

Well, the name wouldn't be a big deal. According to their rules, they offer you a workaround. Perhaps next year you will be more prudent when you book your tickets. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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