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Are you looking for an online definition of RANK or what does RANK stand for? It canonically stands for "great," because that's what Japan calls it. Rarely, something can be so exemplary that it becomes SS or even SSS rank. A lot of people have wondered what the S stands for. The specialist (abbreviated "SPC") is a military rank in the armed forces of some countries.


Altogether, these are as true subject matters of mortal proud as all relationships of mortal rank on which men can rely. Without distinction, they let those take their place, whatever their rank, who have the royal talents to command an army or influence a nation - the natural general, their lawmakers, their king, and with them the profound philosophy, who in one generations think of revolutionizing the next community.

of craftsmen and chromatists, worried, tried to move forward and appeal to them.

Glossary - In some matches the rank is above A S. What does S mean?

The rank S above A comes from Japan. Besides Metal Gear Solid 4 it was also used in other gaming applications, such as Gran Turismo Serie (Driving Licenses), Devil May Cry (Level Performance), Final Fantasy VII (Chocolate classes), Guilty Gear (Character Rankings) and many more. Whereas the origins seem to be generally recognized as Japonese, no one really knows what it is.

It has been rumored that it represents everything from super to special, but there is no evidence that I can find some kind of "official" significance. The giant bomb's S-rank paper states that since C was the lower salary group in the Japan educational system, "S" was used to allow for a greater variety of music.

Developed in Japan, where everything below "C" was seen as a defeat. S-Rank' enabled a greater variety of achievable notes and thus the players' motivations, which means that it was soon adopted by West designers who realised that'S-Rank' was much more cool than the dull 'A'. A rank A is usually achieved by obtaining 90% to 95%.

A lot of folks were wondering what the T stood for... What did it stand for? Especially? TVTropes' Rank Inflation section also includes the rating Rank without any specification of origin: Sometimes even these bloated rankings are subjected to hyperinflation, where A is about medium and the actual target is another S-rank: SS or even SSS.

The Urban Dictionary's S-Rank articles (linked articles are SFW, but the site itself may have some very NSFW content) also lack a specific origin: A lot of folks have been wondering what the S is. It comes from Japan videogames, like the Devil May Cry set, where the A rank was just not good enough. Moreover, all 3 of these pages are accessible to anyone on the web, so I'm not sure if any of these pages can be regarded as specifically credible, and the claim on the giant bomb piece that it is related to the Japan rating system has no resource and is not one I can verify because I'm not comfortable with the system.

Essentially, as the TVTropes report states, it is only one way to get a rank that is better than the "best", similar to some matches where silver stars are awarded to players.

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