Private Jet to France

A private jet to France

Paris private jet airports. The majority of private jet customers choose Paris le Bourget on departure or arrival in the French capital. De Gaulle (LFPG) De Gaulle, France, France. LFPB Paris Le Bourget Paris, France, France, France. LFPO Orly Orly, France, France.

Privatjet Charter | Air rental to and from France

France is the most favourite destination for private jet travellers in Europe and offers great opportunities for both commercial and recreational pilots. Others arrive from Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe. There are also some places for private jet charters to France from the USA and other long-haul outings.

Below we present some of the most important areas in France for private jet traffic, with exemplary route and price information. Please call our 24-hour flight team at +44 20 7100 6960 for tips or individual rates on any private jet charters route to France. Located in the geographical center of Europe, it is the most frequented private jet holiday resort in France.

The majority of private jet clients select Paris le Bourget on departure or arrival in the city. It is the most frequented private jet aerodrome in Europe with around 50,000 flight operations per year. Le Bourget Airstrip can accommodate private jet planes of any capacity and has a selection of 8 different private jet terminal facilities for private jet clients and crews.

To rent private jets to Paris from any major international departures base, please call our 24-hour flight team on +44 20 7100 6960. Located in the south of France, the Riviera (or Cote d'Azur) is the second most important private jet holiday destination in France after Paris. Monaco's Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival are some of the region's top celebrations, attracting real estate developers and luxurious travelers from all over the globe. The Monaco and Cannes Film Festivals are the region's most active annual event, especially between May and September.

Cote d'Azur provides several options for private jet passengers, with Nice Cote d'Azur and Cannes Mandelieu being the most sought after. Open 24 hours a day, Nice can serve aircraft of all shapes and sizes, including VIPs. Mandelieu is an exclusively private jet international hub and well placed for the Cannes Film Festival.

The Monaco heliport is very active in the private sector during the early and late seasons of the year. Smaller private jet aerodromes in the region are St Tropez and Toulon Hyeres. To rent private jets and helicopters to Nice, Cannes, Monaco or other places on the French Riviera, please call our 24-hour flight team at +44 20 7100 6960.

It is home to some of Europe's leading skiing areas and occupies a large part of the Alpine chain within its boundaries. Megève, Courchevel, Val d'Isère, Meribel and Chamonix are some of the places in France that are particularly favoured by private jet travelers. The Chambéry airport is very famous for private jet travel to France's skiing areas, offers 24-hour airport facilities and its take-off and landing runways can accommodate private aircraft of any size.

Courtchevel has its own private international airfield just a few moments from the spa, but due to its long and slanted take-off and landing runways it is only available for restricted type and helicopter use. The Grenoble and Annecy airports also provide good facilities for some skiing areas, and as they are a little further away, they can provide better accessibility in bustling times - and are less susceptible to severe meteorological events.

A lot of private jet travelers who travel to France also cross the borders of Switzerland to Geneva or Sion with a flight from the air or using a chopper to their destination. To rent private jets and helicopters to Chambéry, Courchevel, Geneva or other airports, please call our 24-hour flight team on +44 20 7100 6960.

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