Macbook Air A1370

Air Macbook A1370

As the fifth iteration of the MacBook Air, this laptop has the same size as the late 2010 version (model A1370) with a nominal weight gain. Look Up Mac Specifications by Series Number, Order, Model and EMC Number, Model ID Locate Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads by Apple ordering number, model number, EMC number, model ID, Serial number, and Intel processing number. Be sure to type the full number when searching for series. Refer to Mac Identification or iPod, iPhone & iPad Identification. Would you like to browse the whole website in your own native tongue?

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MacBook Apple Air A1370 11.6" Laptop - MC968LL/A (July 2011)

Keep up to date with your work, homework, or contacts with the Apple MacBook Air A1370 11. Weighing just 2.68 lbs, this light computer can be easily carried in your briefcase, rucksack or courier pocket while you travel to work or work. Apple MacBook Air is small enough to be pulled out to work on tasks, presents, or documentation while you travel on the road, metro, or rail.

Featuring 2GB of DDR3-RAM and an Intel Core i5 560UM CPU for outstanding performance, this MacBook A1370 is the most powerful MacBook A1370. It allows you to open a document together with several panes for those who like multitasking, but also keep things in order. On the Mac A1370, you can toggle between your document and other screens for fast research and effective use of your precious moment.

MacBook Air's 64GB harddisk provides the amount of disk room you need for your home entertainment and photo work. Eye-friendly retinal displays reduce the impact of eye pain. Keep in contact with your loved ones while you journey, or use Apple MacBook Air to interact with your people.

Clear image, built-in mic and speaker make communications simple and efficient. MacBook Air A1370 features an amazing rechargeable Li-ion polymere cell for up to five hours without wires. When you' re on the go, a multi-touch mousepad can be used to browse the web, author your document, and easily modify your presentation.

There are three different types of connectors on this stunning Apple MacBook press model: two 2.0 and two 3.0 USB connectors, and a Thunderbolt connector. They can use a cordless mouse, keypad, or other handy device at home or in the office. What's more, you can use a cordless computer to connect to your computer. MacBook A1370's full-sized illuminated keypad is simple to see and use.

Mac OS is effective and high-performance for all your needs. MacBook Air offers a high-performance solution for college and college learners, pros, and anyone who needs a high-performance handheld that can help them get their work done.

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