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Cabin rental rates change daily. Outward and return fares: Double one-way fare plus waiting fees. Austin is the city that sets the rates for taxis. All taxi companies and drivers are subject to these rates. See the prices for cabin prices or call us.

TAXI services and prices

In Aruba, cabs are widely used and usually carry up to five people per cab. Aruba cabs do not have counters as fares are determined by location and not kilometers and are determined by the Aruba Department of Public Traffic as follows: Get your price listAll our rates are per cab and not per passenger.

max. five passenger allowed). Sunday, public holiday and after 23:00 hours are subject to extra fees at normal rates. You can also rent a taxi by the hour for US$45.00 per hour. Please contact us for details.

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Offers now services to Vancouver International Airport for $199 and Downtown Vancouver for $249 with our limousines. Our immediate services are available throughout the entire working day, except during peak time. Traffic times are Monday - Friday 3 to 19 o'clock and 14 to 17 o'clock. Seattle and Vancouver Flatrates are also available during the above listed Russian cours for an extra fee of $50.

Austin is the city that sets the rates for taxis.

Austin is the capital of the Austin taxis. All taxi operators and driver are subject to these rates. Actual metre prices are $2.50 for the first 1/6 miles plus $0.40 for each subsequent 1/6 miles. There is a statutory travel pass for travel originating from Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA).

It' adjusted to the value of a 4-mile journey (currently $13.10). Also, according to the Municipal Code, travel from the airports is charged a $1 supplement. We do not add a supplement for supplemental use. Up to four people can travel for the fare of one person.

Cab prices

Delay and traffic delays: $0.55 per min. Most of the times we have available to answer as desired, but the receipt of a call does not imply a warranty of performance at any particular point in our lives. Travel more than 15 mile beyond the San Francisco metropolitan boundaries or travel more than 15 mile from San Francisco International Airport, excluding travel through San Francisco to Marin County or East Bay, will cost 150% of the measured price.

The fare indicated is 150% of the measured value. Appraisals go from town to town. Bridging fees and a $2.00 supplement for SFO travel are factored into the estimate. 15 - 20% of the price are reasonable. There is no baggage charge, travelers must purchase bridging fees, and travelers can charge in anticipation for travel from San Francisco except to San Francisco Airport.

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