Maxi Taxi Service Perth

Perth Maxi Taxi Service

At Maxi Taxi Perth we offer taxi service in Perth and its magnificent surroundings. Perth taxi services | Maxi Taxi Perth When you need one or more Maxi Taxi in the Greater Perth region, call Maxi Taxi Perth. Although we have a varied taxi pool, maxi cabs are our speciality. There is a choice of 10- and 13-seater cabs and 7-seater Taragos. If you need company transfer, taxi service for conference, schools outings, concert, party as chicken and dollar night or transportation for wheelchair, bicycle or surfboard, we can organize all maxi taxi service according to your needs.

Do you need a Maxi-Taxi? It is possible to take a taxi if you are traveling with 1 to 4 persons - unless you bring several large cases, in which case you will need to inform us so that we can arrange a bigger taxi for all your luggage.

You also need a Maxi-Taxi if we need to carry a wheel chair, a roller, a bicycle, a surf board or any other large object that does not suit in a normal taxi. The Maxi-Taxi is often used: Although not everyone is on their way to the same place, we are glad to ship as many cabs and maxi as necessary to get everyone where they need to be.

Upon reservation we can carry up to 200 persons in all. All over Perth, we can be picked up and picked up at any Greater Perth location, as well as at the airports. At Maxi Taxi Perth we offer our customers our best service at our regular taxi fares, and we do NOT calculate any exclamation fees.

Booking your Maxi-Taxi can be done on-line or by contacting us for a quote and we will be pleased to prepare a fixed rate for your groupage. Service is our top priorities and we will always do our best to satisfy all your needs.

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