Flying Corporate Jets

Company jets in flight

Rather than fly around the world with GE's luxurious fleet, the high rollers of the ailing company will be forced to charter flights. Twelve pleas of a privately owned aircraft driver Uncover the insider tale of life-saving A-list stars around the globe with our insider-flyer. Ranging from being in love at high altitudes to brittle pilots' education and what their salaries are like, you'll learn what it's like to be a personal driver. Why did you become a flyer?

Per capita, a single captain pays an estimated 100,000 for just the schooling. The cost is GBP 80 k for basic education to get a license, then there are interviews and perhaps up to another GBP 30 k to get your "type" ratings for a particular airliner or carrier.

Pilot must also afford to buy their own uniform. A young pilot must complete 40-50 journeys with the aircraft for which he/she wishes to be trained, after which he/she will be certified with sufficient flying lessons and will serve as First Officer during this time. There must be a choise that you seriously want as it is prohibitively pricey and there is no assurance of a safe workplace at the end of all the expense of education.

It can be extreme hard to train, and not everyone is excised as a flyer; even after completing your course, licensed flyers can still be refused by the operator. But I wouldn't trade it for another career, being a flyer. What do I have to do to get my money back to my home? 500 flight hour and a pilot's salary rises.

While we consider airline drivers to be a very glamorous way of life, is this really all lunch in Lisbon and breakfast in Bangkok? When I' m a commercial jumper, I can take the A-lists, see some of the best places in the whole wide range, go to Nice, Corsica and Sardinia to eat and drink, spend the night in five-star accommodation and see places so incredibly nice you can't even believe it.

Drivers ever change their costumes outside work to make them more attractive? In my own view, it'?s kitschy to dress in a pilot' s undress "out of service" and it is rarely the case that they do. A few women have thrown their eyes at me, I notice, but the overall effect is that the suit is only for flying.

Isn' it a fact that pilot and cab crews often "get started"? Spending a great deal of our lives together it is correct that relations (of different lengths) are formed between the flight deck and the pilot, especially with the skipper! What do flyboys do when they're not flying, and where's the best place to do one?

Would you like to see a driver, maybe try carnegies in Hong Kong? What the hell would be the hardest part of being a flyer? When I was a privately owned jumper I flew hundred of celebrities, from Glen Close to Formula 1 racers, from Sophia Lauren to Sir Paul McCartney. Is it true that fliers ever really take to the air under the impact of alcohol or narcotics (as seen in the movie)?

My personal testimony is that I have never encountered a member of the ship crews under this spell. Isn' it real that a rider and co-pilot can't have the same food? Yeah, it's the truth. Therefore the airline passengers will not order the same dishes in a restaurant before flying. If you' re flying as a private plane ticket, what's the most annoying thing?

The ones who quarrel with the crews about a pocket that is too big to go on as carry-on baggage or any other everyday idea and keep the snake going by trying to get on aboard. People who are impolite to the crews and think they should get extra attention for no good reasons.

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