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Aeroplane interior architecture, Aeroplane interior fittings Designing a passenger compartment in a V.I.P. personal jet is one of the most thrilling tasks - each jet is different, each customer is different, and each design proposal is as personal as our customers themselves. As a result, some of the most attractive and technologically sophisticated interior spaces fly today.

Proud of our deep appreciation of airplane interior, we use this expertise not only to develop the highest achievable design, but also to expand the limits of possibilities to produce the precise look and feeling you want from your airplane interior. Our work is independent and we provide tailor-made full-service interior design consulting.

In addition, we work closely with other design firms and world-renowned interior design professionals who specialize in V.I.P. interior design, providing detail design as well as internal design administration and proof of concept work.

Interior design | Aircraft floor coverings

Move the cursor over the area of the interior you want to design and click on it. A single vendor takes care of everything. Do you purchase your thermoplastic materials, foil laminations and non-textile floor coverings from three different manufacturers? You can come to your home for practical support or attend one of our application workshops.

Working with all large airline companies and Tier 1 tier 1 suppliers, we are a privileged partner in the Airbus NTF Selection Guide and the sole Airbus A350 Canvas Catalogifier. And we are proud to be the main Bombardier C-Series distributor.

Award for the best airplane interiors in the world

Airplanes that do without conventional seats and provide different areas for sleep and relaxation. Some of the pioneering design awards that were presented at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2016, held in Hamburg on April 5th. Awarded by a jury of 25 interior design professionals, the prize is designed to encourage and reward cabins that can be "improved and implemented" in the years to come.

"There is hardly an aerospace sector as open to creative thinking as the aerospace industry," said Sir Tim Clark, Emirates Chairman, in a keynote address at the ceremony. Are those drafts ever gonna blow? Since many of the drafts are in the works, it might take a while - if any - before we see them go to heaven.

The Lifestyle cabin design by Zodiac Aerospace - Visionary Concepts Awards recipient - is a radically new interpretation of cabine geometry. Cabins, which abandon the conventional classification system, are divided into activity-specific areas such as loungeing, bedroom and meetings. However, since most of the design achievements today already cross the boundaries of luxurious aviation, these laureates can ultimately enhance the experiences of the million individuals who fly every single passing day. After all, the design of a new aircraft is a great way to make a difference.

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