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Airplanes for sale

On this page you will find no information about why hangars, sales depots and dismantling facilities for surplus military aircraft after the Second World War. Surplus military aircraft and spare parts for sale by the Israeli Air Force. Surplus military aircraft and spare parts directly from IAF stock. Our company is a specialist supplier of former military high-speed aircraft for use in museums, exhibitions and gatehouses.

Surplus Military Aircraft & Spare Parts

Over the past few years, the Israeli Air Force has released combat-tested aircraft of various types as complete plattforms or for replacement parts from its current stock. Being one of the largest military surpluses in Israel, we have all the necessary approvals to buy and to sell aircraft previously used by the IAF.

All aircraft for sale date from the later 1970s and later and have been fully rebuilt to the high Israeli Air Force standard to be the best aircraft for battle and other use. The majority of the military aircraft for sale are either in flight or operating mode and some require some work as they are no longer active.

For the following aircraft please ask us for more information and hundred thousand of different aircraft parts are available. If you are looking for aircraft parts of US, Russia, British, French or other aircraft types and brands, usually military only, we also offer a worldwide aircraft parts purchasing aftermarket.

Military excess aircraft used by the German Luftwaffe for sale are as follows: In addition to aircraft, we can deliver the following products: Replacement parts for a variety of applications. To see the complete listing of available articles go to military excess aircraft and replacement parts. Have a look at our Military Aircraft Galleries to see our previous military aircraft sale in this section.

Aircrafts for sale | Jet Art Aviation

Our company is a specialized provider of former military high-speed aircraft for use in museums, exhibitions and gatehouses. This is a very unique occasion to purchase a breathtaking aircraft with a great heritage. We believe this is the cleaner RAF Harrier of the first class you will receive. There is a plethora of documents and protocols available, as well as over 50 kg of stationery with the vast bulk of work charts going back to 1976 when the plane was first used.

The aircraft has been extremely well conserved as it has never been stored outside. That plane looks like it touched down last night! The aircraft was purchased by Jet Art in November 2013 and will be returned in July 2018. A photographic motor blanks and a complete kit of motor jets are installed in the air inlet for indication use.

This plane is as good as it can be structural. Maiden flight on 12.04.76 and delivery to the RAF on 14.05.1976. Specifically, these involved modifying the system to include a custom tag cover under the lasernose and attaching attachment points for operation from an aircraft beam. Constructed in 1984, this is the only Tornado aircraft of the type T2A that exists.

Tasks include Blue Vixen airborne tests for the Sea Harrier FA2 and head-up displays for the Eurofighter Typhoon. For the last flight, the aircraft took off on 30 November 2011, more than six month after the failure of the last RAF Tornado F3 squadron, making it the longest-serving aircraft of the Air Defence Variant (ADV).

It is currently being disassembled and stowed in a preheated hanger on a former RAF site in Yorkshire, England. This is an unbelievably scarce aircraft that is only available from Jet Art! It has been rebuilt and restored for 16 months so that it can be exhibited exactly as shown in the galleries below.

The last flight in March 2003, number of passenger hour on the fuselage: ZE343'Delta Zulu' of the XI(F)-Squadron with silver and gold diamonds and season marks on the flipper. Originally the aircraft number of this cell is ZE256 and was kept on the portside of the flipper.

The aircraft is EX UK MOD surplus outfit. Perfect for the smaller museums or lovers who want to carry out a restauration. As shown in the following pictures, the aircraft is disassembled for shipment. The Tornado GR1 restoring project gallery: Former Royal Air Force PANAVIA Tornado GR1 ZA355. It was one of the last GR1s in use and was completed, as it was last flown in gray everywhere, which looks very similar to a recent GR4 specification.

The last flight was on 31.05.2001, this aircraft was withdrawn to a teaching activity on the floor, where it was used as a RAF Lossiemouth weapon instructor as a floor training aircraft: There were 2X Martin Baker MT10A ejector seat as well as Head Up Display, Stick, butterfly valve etc. mounted. That plane has the F700 logbook on it.

A Ex RAF Deutschland aircraft with 4 square meters of specially marked marks on the stabilizer flipper. This plane was last flown: The entire flight hours are: Ideally for the employment in museums / exhibitions or as: The first flight: Final flight on: The aircraft was used intensively in Northern Ireland.

Constructed in 3-tone disguise with genuine servicing marks. This is a singular occasion to own a first-series Harrier aircraft with two seats. These planes had a long and interesting flight history with which they flew: Eventually, the aircraft was used for "Night Bird" AV8 / GR5 Harrier tests, whereby future-oriented infrared tests were carried out on exactly this aircraft.

This is Sea Harrier FA2 aircraft. In those days the aircraft was equipped with 6x 1000lb bombing marks on the portside of the front body. The plane has been disassembled and is immediately operational. There are OEU marks on the aircraft. Attained 2408 hours after the last flight in 2001. This airplane was fixed according to the static display standards and is today an excellent airplane cell for museums.

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